I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the options from manufacturing-to-shelf process....

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    Hello all,

    I live in Santa Clara County, CA. I have been producing sweets from my home for some time. They are very similar to Clif bar's in terms of weight, shape, size, perishibility (is that a word?) except they're about 50% less firm, and nutritionally they are geared for a sweet but health snack. I am looking to up my production for 1,000 to  5,000+ units per month.

    My plan is to rent a commissary kitchen but I realized - how the heck will I package 1,000+ units and ship them to distribution centers? I can't rent a truck each time.

    How do I choose a type of packaging? I'm guess a firm, square, transparent plastic box. But there's so many options, I am so overwhelmed...

    I've found some companies that will package the product and also put it in shipping containers, but they don't do shipping. Some do the whole 9 yards. But I was wondering:

    Are there any food packaging services that can come to me? Not all commissary kitchens have on-site food packaging abilities so how can I do this?