I'll have what Phil's having PBS

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Anyone else enjoying this show? It's the only food show I've watched in almost two and a half years. It may get old, but I tape it for now.

I have always thought that food and comedy work. I always wanted to see a show with a well known Chef and John Pinette./img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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Phil Rosenthal is one of the funniest guys around!

I think his parents are a hoot!

The best was when he introduced egg Cream to the folks in Tokyo.

I love this show!  It's the only "food show" that I record and watch.
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Watched it for the  first time tonight.  Thoroughly enjoyed the travel, the food and cooking.  Good as Tony Bourdain.

Oddly, didn't strike me as particularly comedic. Maybe that's an association from his work on Raymond,  which I never saw.

I'll be watching again.

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@MikeLM  ,

 There isn't a lot of comedy. Phil writes for many other things beside comedy. My amusement comes from his ethnic background. He's the stereotypical Jewish kid from NYC. I grew up in that culture so I find humor in the little quirky things, like skyping his parents for a minute or so during every show to basically to talk about nothing.

He's also a very good producer. He co-wrote the 9/11 TV show that won numerous awards.

I also enjoy it because it's not so scripted like most of the food shows now a days. I think he even has his brother behind the camera. You can tell there's not hundreds of hours of editing. I appreciate that in TV now.
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