If You Had to Move, Where Would You Go?

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Berndy, would you go to Avalon on catalina island or what’s the city on the other side of the island?  we went there once, loved it, super cool place!
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I don't have my 5 favorite cities to move to but I do have the 5 countries!

Here they are:





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I would be in Avalon among all the other old folks  peole watching every morning as the boats unloads the tourists from the mainland.

The place on the other side of the island is called Two Harbors, a bit too small to be called a city.
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Washington or Oregon for me, im in Arizona right now and moved from Oregon after living there for a year.  I miss it a ton.  Go for the Pacific Northwest!
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I'm pretty content where we live since we just moved here, but I often fantasize about moving back to NYC (seasonally) Preferably the upper west side.

I'd also like to have seasonal places in:
Old San Juan, PR
Paris, France, but only specifically avenue George Mandel
Acapulco, Mexico (Las Brisas)
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Salt Lake City?

It's not too far from where you're at. Milder summers than AZ. Still hot and dry but not TOO hot (I don't even have A/C in my car). The winters here aren't too bad in SLC. I hardly have to shovel and it's that light fluffy stuff, not the heavy wet BS that everywhere else gets. I'm not even a mormon and I like to imbibe in the drink and I'm doing just fine!

There's too many prejudices about this state... but it's awesome! I hear it from so many people from out of state, or people who move here how good we have it here. 

Best skiing in the world and outdoorsy stuff.

Cost of living is low.

Starting a business is actually allowed here (imagine that!).

Good infrastructure and transportation.

Good food and drink culture (yes, it's true!). 

I've traveled to nearly every major city in the USA and SLC is the only place I'd consider home here.

Otherwise, I had considered moving to Hawaii. Mainly Maui or Kauai. But the cost of living is just too much to handle.

Maybe somewhere in FL? But the same problem with cost of living down there. 

Otherwise, when I can get enough scratch together. I'm buying a house in Zorritos, Peru. A little beach/fishing town near the border of Ecuador.

I'll also be buying a little condo in Lima. Then when the time is right, I'll sell my house in the US and just live in Peru. 
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WOW Vic!

That’s a very comprehensive overview, you must really like it there in SLC. 

We’ve not been that far North in Utah,

but we do plan on going through that portion of the state later this year. 

My heart will always belong to Kaneohe Oahu Hawaii.
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I've said it before and still believe it: if Kentucky had a coastline there'd be no need to go to heaven, cuz you'd already be there. So it's hard to come up with alternatives. If I had to move, however, it would be somewhere where a city was within shooting distance, but not in the city itself. So, among my choices:

1. Anywhere along the North Carolina coast, but preferably the Outer Banks.
KYHeirloomer, I live about an hours drive from the Dare and Currituck Outer Banks, and used to work in Corolla.  I loved working there, but there is one main thing that I dread about the Outer Banks - hurricane season.  I worked in Corolla when Isabel came through in 2003 and it was a mess trying to get back in there afterwards.  Irene was even worse - Rodanthe and Hatteras Island are still having trouble with Route 12 almost 2 years after Irene and almost a year after Sandy.
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My favorite US states are Alaska, I used to live there and Montana. Out of the US Ireland, , Scotland, New Zealand, and Australia!
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I loved a lot about Alaska. I love the rugged outdoors and beauty of it. I loved eating king salmon caught and smoked immediately after. Eating wild game,reindeer, moose,bear ,and more. The scenery there is nothing like it! I found Alaska pretty magical. I totally understood why bob Ross loved it so much lol. I want to move back! Lol
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I'd go to Hawaii too! My dad goes once a year for a few weeks. I wish he'd buy property there so I could move in rent free ;-)!
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Me too!  oh wait, I sold my quarter acre lot and 3000+ ft home in Hawaii and moved to the middle of the desert (you can use the emoticons in the bar above with the smiley face) /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
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Me too!  oh wait, I sold my quarter acre lot and 3000+ ft home in Hawaii and moved to the middle of the desert (you can use the emoticons in the bar above with the smiley face) ;)
Bummer! Ahh my stupid phone isn't user friendly on here for some reason, I think it let me use the Smileys here once maybe twice? Grr. I bet you miss your family? I haven't lived back home since I was 17 and joined the army, sometimes I miss them! Sometimes. Lol
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Such a nice question when its so cold and dreary outside.

After some thought here is my top 5 (and Im afraid I have moved away from within the US):

Edinburgh, UK - yes its cold, but beautiful and with all the art and culture I could wish for.

Berlin, germany. Has amazin live music scene, history, art, a great palce to learn about the last 100 years.

charlottesville, virginia

Stellenbosch, SA. South Africas second oldest town. It isn't well known but its an absolutely beautiful city with so much going on.

Paris, france - if I had a lot more money than I do now! I have been there only for a few days at a time but the architecture is amazing.
Stellenbosch is a nice place to live. It's the most European town in South Africa that I'm aware of, next to Cape Town.
The food is also very good and even more affordable than Cape Town. Also one or two decent chef schools & interesting culinary scene in this town.
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