If You Had to Move, Where Would You Go?

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Being from Canada and only have visited the USA my view may be somewhat naive.  But I will say Americans seem far more willing to pack up and jump state than us Canadians.

First Choice for me NYC.  right in Midtown.  I worked for UBS and was at the Midtown offices frequently and loved being n NYC more than any place in the world.  If I could have afforded to live right in mid town I would have transfered to that office and stayed for good.  Instead I had to settle for staying at the Beakman Towers every other week.

Second Choice and a close tie to NYC would be to sell everything and buy a 45-52 foot sailboat.  Spend the summers in Newport RI and then come winter sail south to the Keys or bounce over to the Islands when/as desired.  Antigua is great in the Winter if your a Sailor and they have a huge transient live aboard population that just start touring together.  You would be surprised how comfortable a 52' boat can be for a couple.
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I'm with you, there Brook!   Or Vienna where chocolate *really* reigns.
Switzerland: cheese, chocolate, lots of flowers, clean, orderly, safe, and within striking distance of France, Italy, and Germany
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You actually ran the boat, Joey?    I'm impressed.   I took one of those tour boats around the bay and they took us just outside the bridge.

The waves were immediately so much stronger, bigger I thought I was going to lose my lunch.   I was on the upper deck and made a beeline to the lower one and thought about getting on my hands and knees even there.   I'm guessing 50º tilt on some of those largest waves.   Enough for me!

"The City" is certainly beautiful, but.....

BDL, I had an aunt that lived very close to where you are, first Duarte when she first moved out there, and later West Covina.   I spent several months out there, all told.    "Go to Monrovia" was a familiar phrase  She worked at Bell & Howell..   I remember one restaurant where you ate peanuts while waiting for your food and threw the peanut shells on the floor.   Can't remember the name of the place, but as a young 'en, I thought throwing the shells on the floor was just great.  Wouldn't want to clean that up, tho.  Couldn't tell you much about the food, but I remember a vegetable soup that I loved there.

i love where i live intensely, these mountains, this place, but if i had to move, i would buy a 60 ft sailboat(cat) and spend the rest of my life sailing around the world......next to that a small beach palapa on mexico's baja pennisula in the gulf of california/sea of cortez....amalfi coast (positano,sorrento).... point reyes california...


hey bdl, i've sailed under the GG bridge...does that count for anything?
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I'm a fan of Southern Utah.

Moab, Monticello, Blanding, Bluff, Torrey, Kanab, Glendale. would be my primary points to shop from.
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if you know utah, then i'm sure you're familiar with Canyonlands..one of my all time favorite places on the planet...magical, mystical, bigger than life big. living close by in colorado, we head there whenever we can....have you been to zion?


i was the cookie, my husband the captain(100 ton). over 30+ years and 60,000 logged nautical miles i have stood many a watch in many a sea and in many a bad storm including 5 hurricanes. i've only been seasick once when we got stinko drunk on french rum after winning a race to martinique and had to race back the next morning...suffice it to say, i no longer drink rum!

as for sailing in general? sometimes the hardest part isn't always the jumping out of the plane!


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Philadelphia, amazing food town, feel of NYC but smaller and nicer people

Hendersonville/Asheville NC, go regularly.  Family in the area and love to spend weekends there

Chattanooga TN, Close enough to Atl to go for a day but far enough away to not care.  Tons to do all year

Portland, only place on the left coast I would want to live

Ann Arbor Mi, Zingermans...
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From places I know, as in having at least visited:

Central Oregon. I lived there close to 3 years, and it is my 1st choice.

Kennett Square, Pennsylvania is also gorgeous.
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Funny that this thread came back around...

I've almost got my husband on the side of just selling this house and then putting all of our stuff in to storage and renting somewhere. 

Maybe take time to  look around again for somewhere to live.

Well, he thinks that going back to Hawaii (Honolulu) to rent would be a great idea!!


Way too expensive!

That's why we left to begin with Dude!!

Please don't get me wrong, I was born and raised there, spent most of my life there. 

I LOVE Hawaii, it's just not the place to live on a "fixed income" and not working.

Well, unless of course you are independently wealthy, like maybe, oh I don't know, a TV personality....
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I've never been to Hawaii, but is it really that expensive to live? Aww :(

My top 5 (in no specific order of preference):

London, England

Nelson, New Zealand

San Fran, USA

Montreal, Canada

Nice, France
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Aloha Amyp!  If ever you get a chance, do go to Hawaii. 

For me, I just love to get a couple of sand chairs and a foam cooler, fill it with some local goodies, and we just spend an entire day at the beach, any beach (but we like Kailua and Ko'olina)! 

Just beautiful. 

As for living there, well, when a half gallon of milk is anywhere from $4-$7 and a dozen eggs are pushing $4.  And EVERYTHING is taxed!  Even food.  It's tough on families, we both had to work to make it, and we don't have children.  Alot of our friends with kids had to work two jobs each to be able to make ends meet. 

Again though, don't get me wrong, I LOVE HAWAII!! 

I am of Hawaiian decent, and if we could, believe you me, we'd back there in a flash my friend!!
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Ahhhh to dream. I have heard some really amazing things about Hawaii (only from visitors) and it just sounds amazing. Such amazing scenery /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif


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If I were to relocate, I would select the southeast coast on Italia´s Adriatic Sea or the island of  Sardinia, Italia  and / or Costa de Luz, the southwest coast of Spain ( Not Málaga ) or Costa Blanca ( Mediterrnean coast ) of southeast Spain or the Baleras Island of  Mallorca.

The U.S.A.:

If I were to ever return to the U.S.A., which at the moment is highly unlikely, I believe I would choose Washington D.C. and / or Old Town Alexandria, Virginia or:  San Diego, California.

South America :

Punta de Este, Uruguay ( heaven on earth )

The Caribbean :

Though I enjoy travelling to the Caribbean, I would not want to go through another Hurricane again ...
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In U.S.:

New Mexico (Albuquerque, Santa Fe, or Taos)

Washington state


Northern California

Wilmington, NC (lived here during undergrad; wonderful port city)

Outside U.S.

Japan (lived here as well; loved it)

Vancouver, BC

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Southern France

New Zealand



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@ Kaneohegirlnaz,

All places have their positives and negatives no matter where they are and when seriously contemplating a relocation or even a move from one neighborhood to another. So many uncountable factors to consider and research like a fine tooth comb. Though all the places mentioned, I have travelled to several times, and am totally enchanted with most aspects of each, there is reality of  negatives, that one must decide and weigh very cautiously before stepping into a whole new environment. Margcata.  
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all good points Margcata, thank you again

My husband is now leaning towards California since our return from our most recent trip...

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