If You Had to Move, Where Would You Go?

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I've said it before and still believe it: if Kentucky had a coastline there'd be no need to go to heaven, cuz you'd already be there. So it's hard to come up with alternatives. If I had to move, however, it would be somewhere where a city was within shooting distance, but not in the city itself. So, among my choices:

1. Anywhere along the North Carolina coast, but preferably the Outer Banks.

2. Montana's Bitterroot Valley.

3. South Maryland, on the Bay.

4. Somewhere within spitting distance of Vancouver (yeah, yeah, I know.....).

5. Door Cty., Wisconsin.

There are certainly places in the Northeast that are appealing. But I refuse to subject myself to the ludicrousness of their tax burdens, or the sanctimony of their politicians.
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my husband has pressing me...

I think that if we just sold our home and put all of our furniture in storage,

we could just rent homes in different cities and exprience what America has to offer

I think that the first town I would go to is Carlsbad California and then move on from there
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first off, welcome back! haven't had a chance to visit your thread, but will soon, i promise.....as far as your moving, have you considered buying a motorhome and just traveling around til you find somewhere that appeals to you? it takes alot of the pressure off coming up with a place to move to that you think or hope you will like...my husband and i bought a 32 ft. motorhome last year and packed it up with the dog(she has more stuff than i do), and left for 6 months(of course, i worked)...it was a blast and i miss it....hope to do it again this winter...anyway, it's a good way to go and explore and just check things out...and it's totally doable....just a thought...

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Coastal Plains in Virginia

Beaufort, South Carolina

Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina

Keuka Lake, New York

Charlottesville, Virginia

Have to admit, we've lived in or around many of these areas currently or at one time or another and would consider moving there if the chance presented itself.
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Nothing wrong with solitude except that it doesn't fit my chosen career very well. Would move to Pahoa in a heartbeat, but for now have to be satisfied with going there for vacation time.
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Southern Chile, ~ Patagonia, ~ Coyhaique.

Don't know if this link will work, but here is Yahoo image slide show (I hope) 


If it had to be the states, I'd choose extreme NW, or NE.  I can take the snow and rain, but hate hot humid summers.  Although after this scorcher of a summer, I'm coming to think of 88º as "cool".

Also I like Colorado Springs, Flagstaff AZ.  But would probably have to go to Coyhaique for summer.
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Oh, I've been meaning to dive into a conversation about this topic, because, I too, am very disenchanted with my surroundings. There is no art or lively musicians, the restaurants here are frickin meat and potatoes (most of them fast food), and the most culture we get is a pow wow once a year. Here goes my really unrealistic list of places I'd move to in a heart beat...

Florence, Italy
Denman Island, BC, Canada
Seoul, Korea
Boulder, Colorado

Missisauga, ON
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Bermuda would be on the top of my list too if I could go anywhere I chose.

My list would also include

Montreal QC

Quebec City, QC

Vancouver BC

Charlottetown PEI

I have lived in Toronto and for me it's just not a place I'd want to retire.  Heck if I want to spend a few million on a house I'll just buy that one I posted in another thread..  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/bounce.gif


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Greek Island like Crete. Not to big but not too small.

It would have a small olive grove, fruit trees, a barn with goats, cow, a donkey. And, plenty of bedrooms for family and friends to stay.
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Greece was always my place until they followed the US financially.

Nicko, trade the goats for a pig or two. More rewarding  in the pit.

  For now I'll  retire in Mexico. On the water. It's still about .25% of most retirement areas. That's with 3000sq ft home, small barn, help quarters,

gardener, housekeeper, cook and someone to take care of the boat.
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I like the idea of the Motor-home, I did mention this one to my husband, but he had some concerns shall we say about daily up keep. 

I am the Chief of Operations, in other words, I fix stuff (and in this case, dump) not him. 

My Dad gave me a super cute toolbox when we were first married, it was all pink. 

Anywhos... I think that is a ROCKIN' idea, sell the "stick and mortar" and just cruise America.
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When my mom's parents retired they sold their farm and bought a motorhome.  They spent twenty years camping across Canada and parts of the US before settling into a rental home near Ottawa ON.  They could have bought a house but decided they were too old for a mortgage again and wanted to enjoy their remaining years. 
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My former KM from the breakfast place is right now living his dream.  He has always had a love for Costa Rica and is currently spending the next year there cooking at a hotel.  He had said many times that he wanted to retire there and I hope for him that this works out and he is able to retire down there. 
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I like the idea of the Motor-home, I did mention this one to my husband, but he had some concerns shall we say about daily up keep. 

I am the Chief of Operations, in other words, I fix stuff (and in this case, dump) not him. 

My Dad gave me a super cute toolbox when we were first married, it was all pink. 

Anywhos... I think that is a ROCKIN' idea, sell the "stick and mortar" and just cruise America.

 didn't anyone tell you not to stay in arizona for the summer? moving from the tropics to the desert is especially tough even without enduring a summer there. the silver lining here is that there are LOTS of rv's for sale in arizona...LOTS! a good place for you to start your education would be ebay. good education in a short period of time. you will see after a time what to look for, what you want in a layout, diesel or gas, how many slides, 5th wheel or motorhome...i highly recommend slide outs...hugely...in your area go online to camping world or the paper or craigslist...as far as upkeep, yeah there is that, but it's no more than your house or a boat..in fact, the onboard systems are closer to a boat than anything...water tanks, gray water tanks, sewage, propane, house batteries, 110 vs. 12 volt, but pretty simple really... maybe you can lease one for a week or two as a tryout...it's really fun trust me....oh, just one thing...absolutely no matching jumpsuits with embroidered names...i'd have to stop talking to you!!!.....good luck...hey, you can always take a little trip up durango way....we got us some real nail bitin' cowboys up here!  yipee ki ay!!!

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Like it here, but if I HAD to move:

One of the beach communities around Santa Cruz.

One of the redwood-forest communities around Santa Cruz.

The City (aka Baghdad by the Bay, aka San Francisco). Love the city. I used to live in Berkeley and work in SF. The best part of the day was driving across the Bay Bridge, looking at the Bay, the Golden Gate, Alcatraz, the sky line...


Spain along the Med coast, a small city with a beach, decent restaurants, and not totally screwed up by Brits -- if such a place there is. Not too far from Valencia or Barcelona maybe.


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i love where i live intensely, these mountains, this place, but if i had to move, i would buy a 60 ft sailboat(cat) and spend the rest of my life sailing around the world......next to that a small beach palapa on mexico's baja pennisula in the gulf of california/sea of cortez....amalfi coast (positano,sorrento).... point reyes california...


hey bdl, i've sailed under the GG bridge...does that count for anything?
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In no particular order -- 

Within the United States:

Pittsburgh PA. (It is has many of the amenities of a larger city, but interesting neighborhoods too. The cost of living is reasonable for a city of its size, medical care is good, and there are many services for older people) 

Ann Arbor, MI

Outside the US:

Vancouver, BC

Switzerland: cheese, chocolate, lots of flowers, clean, orderly, safe, and within striking distance of France, Italy, and Germany


Nice (never been there, but have heard wonderful reports)

Helsinki (never been there, but very fond of about Finnish design and architecture)
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