If You Had to Move, Where Would You Go?

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My husband has increasingly become disenchanted with Southern Arizona. 

Recently he put to me that I make a list of five places that I would want to move to (within the US). 

So, you're retired with a defined income each month from your investments, not Social Security. 

You like temperate weather (I like to see the blue sky and sun most of the time). 

And lastly, of course you like food! 

What would your list of five cities be?

For me, in particular order:

New York, New York

Carlsbad, California

Portland, Oregon

San Francisco, California

Cannon Beach, Oregon
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My list is uncannily similar to yours:

Los Angeles, California

San Francisco, California

Portland, Oregon

New York, New York

Santa Barbara, California

I live in Portland, I've vacationed at Cannon Beach, and I'm afraid they're not the sunniest of choices. In the summertime, however, they're hard to beat.
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St Helena California, great town, great food, in the middle of wine country, great farmers market, short distance from one of the greatest cities in the world, San Francisco.

Cannon Beach, Rain Spring, Summer, and Fall, A friend of mine was there last week, it rained all week long. It is hard to bate the Oregon coast in the summer, it's a beautiful place.

NYC, you couldn't pay me enough to live there, not an easy place to live on a fixed income. Great food

I wouldn't live anyplace on the East Coast from Maine to Florida, Hot and Humid in the summer

Portland and Seattle both have rain, both and great cities, good restaurants, close to the mountains.......All in all the Pacific Northwest is a good place to live.......

i live in Washington and Oregon, vacation in Hawaii, no reason to leave........
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Does it have to be the states?

My lovely wife thinks when we retire we will be moving to Europe. I snatched up some property years ago in Costa Rica. I've always told her we would remodel the place for a summer house. NOT!!!! I plan on living there!!!!LOL  It is so beautiful, although it has grown quite a bit, it's the only place I've ever been that I get emotional when we leave.

Oh, food? It's bad, you might have to trek up the beach and find a local little place where you can sit outside, no bugs, and dine on fish prepared with local ingredients. Old fish may be 6 hrs. old. Amazing edible thing coming out of the rain forest.
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As the UK is close to mainland Europe and this means it would take no longer to get to Paris than for Americans to drive to the next large city, can I add my tuppence worth?


Florence in Tuscany

Corfu or another Greek island


Somewhere in the Basque region of Spain
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New York is my top choice as well, but you're not going to see blue sky and sun most of the time, nor is the weather temperate (@ChefBillyB: Yes! Fantastic food!). Same goes for Portland (which is where I live) and Cannon Beach.

So here's my list, for what it's worth:

Marin County

Santa Barbara (don't know too much about the food scene there)


and in Europe

Nice--Cote d'Azur




Fun to think about this, thanks.
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Springville, California:
  • 2 1/2 hours to the Pacific Ocean
  • 3 1/2 hours to Los Angeles
  • 4 1/2 hours to San Francisco
  • 1 hour to the Sequoias
  • 3 hours to the Mojave Desert
  • 1 1/2 to Yosemite
  • <2 hours to skiing
  • 2 hours to the Paso Robles/Edna Valley wine district
  • 5 hours to Napa/Sonoma/ Mendicino (French Laundry) wine country
  • 3 hours to the Monterey wine district
  • 30 minutes to the local wineries
  • and much more...
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How interesting everyone

I do think about taxes chefedb, that's a main reason why we are in Arizona

Love, Love, Love, cali, but MAN, Gov. Aaaaaaarrrrnold has no control...

And you're right, Pacific Northwest is so beautiful

Italy, I have never been

Spain, I have never been

Basicly I have never been outside of the USA (except Mexico)
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Widen your horizons....!    There is a huge, wide world outside the USA.  And, honestly, we don't bite!
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Agreed Ishbel, but hubby wants to stay in the United States, I would love to seel our place and just rome around Europe and see and taste different things...

maybe in another life...
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i got more info for you as per your trip, but will reply in the morning...pay close attention to new mexico as you travel through it...it's a very great and magical state, depending on where you are...santa fe, taos and that whole plateau is life changing with incredible desert landscapes and sunsets ...ancient lands, ancient cultures and people...as i said magical really....what's not to love about adobe, mesquite fired food, wild horses and southwest cuisine?..more later


again, happy birthday...may i ask what you did?
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within in the USA my choices would be:

Sugarloaf Key, Florida

Vieques, Puerto Rico

St John, United States Virgin Islands

Pahoa, Hawaii
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In the US I think for me would be
  • Annapolis, Maryland and all its surrounding area.  
  • Portland, Maine
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • Northern, Ca.
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again, happy birthday...may i ask what you did?
Sorry been kinda on the go...

we took Mom to the airport, she went to visit her childhood friends in her hometown, and stopped for breakfast on the way home (it was cr** by the way)

went home took a nap and then went to the pool...
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