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Who would you choose to interview?

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Joined Jul 31, 2000
If you had to choose just one of these four legendary Chefs to interview and trial who would it be and why?


Ferdinand Point



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Joined Jul 24, 2001
Madleine Kamman : A European who succeded and found happiness in the States.

Very inspiring for me :)
Joined Feb 21, 2001
Point- Anybody who could articulate "It is with my stoves that I people my silences" needs to be watched and talked to.
Joined Nov 20, 2000
As I am a big fan of classic french cuisine I would love to talk with Chef Point. While his cuisine was not necessarily the most adventurous (certainly more so in his day) his whole attitude towards his metier and life in general certainly, to my mind, to be admired and aspired to.
Otherwise it would be Monsieur Lenotre who has certainly taken his craft to other heights and deigned to spread his knowledge to anyone who wanted it. His patissiere is world renowned and is synonomous with quality, as is the other choices. Madelain Kamman truly a legend, but not of the same caliber (not a sexist comment either) nor Joel Rubuchon who is also a modern day legend but also not of the same caliber of Point and Gaston (not Alain) Lenotre. Strictly my personal opinions.
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Madeline, because she IS a woman - who made it in a very difficult profession for a woman to break through in at the time she became known.
Joined Aug 11, 2000
LeNotre~ I'm impressed with anyone that can clearly teach novices glorious pastries.....out of all my pastry books his is the one I come back to for the building blocks.
Kamman would be next...
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When I studied with Madeleine it was by far the most incredible learning expereance of my career. No one has the intensity of this woman, Her culinary knowelage and history are second to none. To work one on one with Kamman is a dream come true for any cook. You find yourself challegeing yourself like never before.

Because I had the oppurtunity to work with madeleine, I would love to meet Point. I remember a story he told one day of a couple truck drivers who were lost by la Pyrimand and had worked like 20 hours in a row, They were dressed in truck driving cloths yet point Invited them in to dine "Chez Point"


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I would definately choose Kamman. Some of these other chefs may have lead a more adventurous life, or may have been more influential, but Kamman is a true teacher. She has devoted her life to educating both professionals and amateurs alike. While these chefs were in the spotlight (many times) Kamman silently brought the pleasures of great food to many, many people. It is only in recent years that she has become recognized as a moving force in this industry. Besides, out of these four individuals, I imagine that she would be the most fun to sit down with, drink a few glasses of wine, and just chat.


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I have to go with Lenotre. I received his book as a present it was one of my first pastry book.
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Robuchon - the quintessential stellar cook. Dignified cook with all the respect due to culinary history and the complexity of flavor.

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