If an intruder came onto your property what would you do?

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Also replace your with anyone else and property with and/or properties and you with anyone else and finally If and came would you do with When intruder(s) did you do

if any such replacement(s) are desired.

My mom I think she would call 911.

Me I locked a door once when I an intruders intruded in my old apartment and left.

He hurt my mom but the He (The intruder) got arrested His (The Intruder that got arrested) friend that also intruded never got arrested that I am aware of.

I am Jason and I live in North United States of America (N. USA) and I was born in N. USA and I am from N. USA
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depends, I live on a river and have acreage in the country...some people are just  lost and need directions. Others have been greeted with everything from a machete to a shotgun. Haven't had to hurt anybody yet and the sherrif has never been involved.
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In one of my homes I answer with a 357 magnum in hand, in the other home I open the door with another a steel door in place. I have family to protect, I don't care if I offend anyone in the process. If your on my property, the burden of why your there is on you.............................CBB
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My dog usually provides me with warning if anyone comes into our yard.

Both my bank and Strata insist I have an alarm in my business, and when the alram guy came to "sell" me, I shut him up right quick:

"What's the difference between a surgeon and a Coronor?"
"What's this have to do with alarms?"
"A surgeon has a chance to save yur life, maybe not 100%, but a chance.  A coronor can only provide you with two pieces of information: Time of death, and cause of death.  In your case an alarm will provide me with time of intrusion, Duh! the time the freakin alarm went off, and the place of intrusion, again Duh! that's why the freakin door/window is smashed. 
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I had to start locking my back gate when my next door neighbour inadvertently rented her basement apartment out to crackheads.  The access to the apartment is from the back of the house (we have a shared common access alleyway in the back) and more than once they mistook my backyard for their "friend's" yard.  The dog was very good at stopping them but if the gate was locked it was even better.  They have long since moved on but I'm just in the habit of keeping the gate locked now.  That's pretty much my experience with intruders on my property. 
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The first thing I'd do is grab my .22 or one of the shotguns, then go see what is going on. If they were in the house, and I didn't know them, I'd shoot first and ask questions later. If they were just on the property, I might call the sheriff, depending on where they were on the place (we have 65 acres, so it make a difference as to whether they're an immediate threat or not). I also have a family to protect, no neighbors nearby, and it takes the sheriff at least 15 minutes to get here, so I'd really be on my own. 
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I sincerely hope that s/he is at peace with their maker as I will be intending to assist them in meeting same!

Paraphrasing a sign I saw on a church, "Ring bell if you love Jesus, come in unannounced and uninvited  if you want to meet him!"
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    I guess we live in a very progressive neighborhood! 

    ...we've had to lock our doors for quite some time.

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Shoot first, ask questions later.

They are warned by my sign "Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again"
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Years and years ago I lived on the south side of Berkeley in an area of some street crime, and "suffered" a few "intrusions." 

Once a guy opened my front door -- which I'd unintentionally left unlocked -- at around 2 in the AM.  The sound of his entry woke my girlfriend, who woke me.  I leaped from the bed to kick his ***, but unfortunately had been sleeping in the raw.  How embarrassing!  How vulnerable!  By the time I got a towel around me, he'd apologized for coming to the wrong house and left.

Another time, I was helping my next door neighbors -- a ballet studio/apartment -- do some work at their place during the day.  When I returned home, I found a skinny teenager going through my stuff.  He was incredibly defiant and unrepentant when I caught him; he seemed to think the fact that I'd left my backdoor unlocked was an open invitation.  So I took his wallet to disabuse him of the notion.

These things can be quite tragic, but fortunately mine were just funny.  And, not to leave any false impression... I am no tough guy.

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i don't lock my car, i don't lock my house, but i do keep the 'boys' close, just in case...a 38 special (just like the 3rd bear's bed, fits me just right), and a few others too big for me.....if someone can find my house with all the switchbacks and dark dirt roads, they just might be someone i know...actually, our friends can't even find our house...with directions! and even if they've been there before!..honestly, i'd be more afraid of a bear breaking into my house than a person.(i do lock up in the summer when the bears are out)... seriously though,how do you/would you know if its an intruder or the sheriff, or someone simply asking for directions? seems like a waste of a good bullet... mainly, i just keep the 'boys' for bears and coyotes and things that go 'bump in the night'(husbands excluded), but if i did have an intruder, i would just wake up my husband...oh, and trust me on this,an intruder would not get past the dog...that dog would die for me,kill someone that was trying to harm me, pure and simple...nice to know.....of course an intruder could shoot her, at which point, i would just blow the living crap out of them,no questions asked, end of intrusion...someone kills your dog, it ain't gonna get any better... think one of the best things i did for myself was to take a self defense/gun course.....knowledge is always empowering! god, do i sound like oprah?



a sign on a neighbor's gate reads," if you can read this sign, you're in range"...god, i love the west...they don't waste alot of words!


after thinking a bit, just wanted to add....

i have spent half my life sailing on boats throughout the caribbean,mexico, bahamas and u.s.a. i have had guns held to my person, and to my head actually, by drug runners, pirates, robbers & the us coast guard, in port and out at sea... one black starless night while sailing through the bahamas on our way southward to the lesser antilles, we were most definitely being chased down by pirates. know what i had in my hands on the stern?..a cast iron skillet and my 9" chefs knife(naivete being everything), but i was scared witless. capt/hubby shot off flares, which will certainly drop a man where he stands..we had no guns, no weapons, not a good feeling to be so completely vulnerable...i have had more than a few friends murdered from sailing pirates boarding them unsuspectedly. they died because they either were trying to reason or had no weapons to defend themselves....now i have a gun and i know how to use it.. given those circumstances again, there is no doubt that i would shoot....maybe not first, but i would certainly defend.....lesson #1 don't point a gun if you don't know how to use it. i do now...possible solutions other than gun totin? maybe rubber bullets?  bb's?, flare guns?...just to scare a little.. okay, tha's all i got
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My favourite tool of intruder intervention is my lacrosse stick or believe it or not, a biro at short notice. Both can do very nasty damage placed in the right hands, and unlike a gun, it's not likely the intruder will have neither the imagination or skill to use them effectively against you if they happen to grab them.  I haven't needed to use them (yet!) but there's many a time when the other half has been away, the kids were young, and there were suspicious noises outside.

Unlike the USA, it's pretty hard to get a gun here, and I wouldn't have one in the house for safety's sake.  As in someoneone living in the house playing with it and getting injured or worse.  I used to have a pair of nunchucks too, which is pretty hard for the intruder to dodge if you know what you're doing.

Ok, remembering to breathe now :)  Past history revisiting.....uggh.
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1911A1 Goverment model + .45ACP +P 200 gr JHP 1050 fps/490 ftlbs if handy.... if not I always have a govt issue switchblade on me. 
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Joey, nunchucks are fun to know, but certainly not fun to learn, unless you really like getting hit in the back of the head repeatedly.
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Joey, nunchucks are fun to know, but certainly not fun to learn, unless you really like getting hit in the back of the head repeatedly.
Hehe :) yep, but you soon learn not to.  I used to practice with them by pruning the shrubery with them.  A few plants suffered, but not too badly.  The hedge was a good one for practice as it didn't show damage very much.
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Anyone else here know how to use a bullwhip effectively? talk about leaving some nasty welts on yourself and a steep learning curve....
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