Ideas for pub menu, interesting scenerio

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?, Irish or English pub? second the bangers and mash or bangers as pigs in a blanket, I'd put curry somewhere on the menu, ploughmans platter, like the Guinness fried pickles, had malt vinegar marinade Guinness battered wings & potato wedges, marinade was a tad reminiscent of a light mojo, very good btw, diggin the Bubble and Squeek or Colcannon, with back bacon or bangers, house-made crisps always a hit and cost pretty much nothing, pretzels?, always a go to with beer but not so much in a "pub" That being said I was at a pub in London and the wife of the owner was of German descent so they had a soft pretzel with a brat and currywurst that I had pretty much everyday @ lunch.
Best of luck!
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