Ideas for low sodium southern cooking?

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    My father just got home from a two week stint in the hospital and rehabilitative therapy center. He has heart failure, COPD, and diabetes, and some of what put him in the hospital this last time can be contributed to his diet. I live with him so trying to be as good a son as I can I am going to provide his meals so that eating out is not on the table anymore (basically a requirement at this point).

    So I wondered if anyone else has dealt with this issue and in particular within the genre of southern cooking. It's hard really to remove pork/salt from a lot of foods and maintain their sense of savory that the dishes are famous for. One thing I was going to try tomorrow is to serve collard greens with a splash of vinegar and caramelized onions. I can use "no salt added" stock to add flavor as well. I made him grilled turkey meatballs and spaghetti with a marinara I made from canned diced tomatoes tonight. The sodium content was about 1/3 of what a bottled "sauce" is and with garlic, shallots, oregano, onion powder, etc. it had a good robust flavor.

    My dad is not huge on spices, which to me help food along when you don't have salt. I'd also be very curious if salt alternatives are worth a shot .. although I read the package on one and it said you need to consult with a physician, so it might be like the "sugar free" stuff where diabetics still react to it.

    I appreciate any input. I really am trying hard to keep his quality of life up and give him comfort foods he loves but still meet the dietary needs he has.