Ideas for chili peppers

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My chili plant has gone absolutely crazy this year.

It's a Madam Janet pepper, also know as Surinam Yellow and resembles a scotch bonnet in shape, flavour and heat.

I got some in the freezer, made some into a pineapple chili sauce, dried some, used some for Jaimacan jerk marinade.

I need more ideas!

I love hot food, but these things got a bite!

I used about 5 for my Jaimacan Jerk marinade (for 1.5-2 kg chicken thighs) and it was tasty, but carried a punch (and normally I struggle to get a good heat when putting meat on the BBQ, seems like it burns down or off or something)

Anyway, Ideas Please /img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif
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Jellies,sauces, ice creams, salads, dried, powdered, sandwiches... the list goes on for far longer than I could write here lol. You are only limted by your imagination. One of the greatest qualities of chilies is their versatility. Good luck! Can't wait to see your creations here!
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I definitely will go for some smoked-dried ones. That sounds good!

I already got some in vinegar.

I made sambal (chili paste) and I will make some Jamaican jerk seasoning (and just freeze it)

I think I will make some sri racha sauce (with a difference) as well.

There are about 50 or 60 of those to come in the next 2 to 3 weeks!

And I already got a lot of them in the freezer of the last flush.

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Soak a couple in your alcohol of choice for a week.  Great conversation starter/party game.  Although I did this with ghost chili peppers and that was some burn
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That could be fantastic as a tincture added to some sort of martini or bloody mary in extreme moderation (like a few drops). Sounds really good for a chocolate truffle flavoring to me.

Also reminds me of something really stupid we used to drink in school called "haha juice" that consisted of just enough cinnamon and nutmeg to cover the aroma of the massive amount of mace dumped into some PGA and left to sit for a few weeks. Such a long painful burn I'd see colors...and then do it again. I used to have more brain cells.
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I have Thai chili's soaked in whisky. We use it as a punishment drink for drinking games.

I am a bit scared to do his with these peppers as they are quite a bit hotter than the Thai red ones!

Smoking and drying is definitely on the cards.

Could I cold smoke them and then dry in either the sun or a low oven?

I don't have a food hydrator.

I suppose I have to check how low I can get my oven to go.

@JAH42: Any advice?

I could try and use my bbq, but I am not too good at keeping the temperatures low, so that would result in cooked and smoked peppers.

@ChefBillyB: Those pickles look great, but yes, think they might be a bit hot. Worth a try though.

@MillionsKnives: Hot sauce is on the cards and the toilet rolls will go into the freezer for that competition /img/vbsmilies/smilies/tongue.gif
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I was actually looking at a cook book that was mainly focused on pickling, fermenting and preserving foods. 

There was a recipe i saw, it was some type of spicy and sweet pickled papaya recipe. 

I don´t know but spicy and sweet sounds great to me. 

And papaya can be such an overlooked fruit sometimes, that it got me scratching my head on how that recipe would have tasted. 

Who knows maybe you could give it a try?!
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Number 1 found its way into a big pot of black eyed peas.

Then yesterday, I harvested 5 of them.

Let's see how many I get today .........
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Caribbean pepper sauce...several varieties.  Lime pepper (good with seafood).  Escoviche (good with fried seafood).  Pepper sauces with a mustard component.  Pepper with vinegar.  Roasted peppers with vinegar (roasted other vegetables as well).  All good Caribbean types you can google recipes for.

Store them in glass jars and they'll last quite a while.
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So far I have dried some and some others were cold smoked and dried.

I cold smoked because I can;t control the temperature with hot/warm smoking and was afraid it might be too high.

I made some sambal as well.

These things are extremely hot. Think habanero heat and up, so a little goes a long way.

I got through about 30 of them and they are still coming.....
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