Ideas for buffet? For my final assessment

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    Hi Guys,

    I was chosen to be the head for my final week assessment. which we going to do a buffet style! with 1 type of red meat, 1type of poultry, 1type of seafood/fish , soup and vegetable!

    I already have some idea but I'm looking for more!
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    Two days and not one reply?

    Can you do any buffet cooking? A large part of buffet serving is the presentation and show---

    I won't suggest a menu--but will offer this idea---

    Look at the buffet as a show window---the presentation should be as important as the food--

    Use boxes as risers to highlight trays and serving dishes---cover with attractive fabric--

    Have a nicely dressed member do cooking or prep at the buffet--rolling crepes or saute seafood  other simple ,quick foods---put on a show-----

    Fine dining is an experience for the taste buds and the eyes----
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