Ideas for a blog title.

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I am in the process of setting up a blog in English and I will need a title.It has to contain the word Greek and Food in it. I think that it has what do you think about that.

The blog will record my culinary adventures while I am trying to set up the articles I send as a correspondent of the Hellenic Public Radio in NY, so it won't be about recipes but about the food people in Greece. Of course it will have pleanty of historical info.

I thought to name it " Athenaeus' Culinary Stories" but it's too much.

What about "The Greek Foodie" " The Greek Food Talker" ?

Any ideas?

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Just re-read your post.

You need Greek and Food in it.

I'll think of something else.
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"The Traditional Recipes of Greece"
6 Vols. Athens: Fytrakis, 1987

Got it from Diane Kochilas.
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I like "The Greek Foodie". It's a concocted word, but it has tones of friendliness and informality mixed with passion.
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I like Galloping Greek....what about bubble n squeek which is cockney ryhming slang for greek & also a potato & veg fried patty.

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