Ideas anyone?

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I work at a small cafe that serves breakfast and lunch. Every morning I make a pot of killer hot chocolate, from scratch using a blend of french dark and milk chocolate. It's thick and really yummy. Anyway, most days (the cold and rainy ones) we sell out of it. Warm days we will sell maybe 2 cups. The owner and I have been trying to come up with ways to use what is leftover on those days. I was thinking of making Frozen Hot Chocolates with fresh whipped cream. Which I think may be a good seller during the hot summer days we have.

Anyone have another idea? That was all I could come up with.
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is it thick enough to dip a frozen banana in and have it stick?

my back up plan would be to turn it into chocolate milk for the kids or milk shakes
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It's not quite thick enough to coat stuff with, but I could probably turn it into a pudding, or a mousse even.

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Chocolate Sauce or in any choco cake or cookie recipe that calls for milk or water.

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