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I'm looking for some help with ideas/recipes for desserts.

I own/manage a lodge and we have an a la carte menu containing items like steak, beer battered fish, stir fries, piri piri chicken, lasagna, curries etc.

I now want to get some desserts on the menu as well. At the moment we only do ice cream (bought).

There are a couple of limitations as to what we can do:

The kitchen is not very big, my kitchen staff has been trained on the job but they have no formal training.

I'm about 3 hours from the closest town, so need to rely on goods/products that can be frozen.

The desserts should not take up too much time to make/assemble as they can't interfere with the dinner items.

Anyone with good ideas?

I'm not sure if this thread is in the right forum. If not, then can one of the moderators move it to the right one?
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This might be a dumb idea, but fresh, hot cookies are always popular, especially chocolate chip (or something similar). You can make cookie dough, form the cookies on trays (very close together since they won't be baked on the trays) and freeze the whole tray. When the cookies are frozen, remove them from the trays, put them in freezer bags, and store them in the freezer. When you get an order, remove a serving and pop them in the oven (a toaster oven will do fine). They take about 10 minutes to bake and can be served hot.
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What about something like an English trifle?

Eton Mess?   Meringues, double cream and strawberries/raspberries/blueberries?
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Thanks Gran and Ishbel,

I don't know if you have seen that I re-posted this thread at the "food and cooking questions" forum....

I added some extra information in that thread about our clientele, climate, availability of good etc.

As for this thread:

Cookies: yep definitely can do that. Doesn't really sound like something that I consider a dessert, but then I don't like desserts anyway and I'm not the client /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif

If they like them, I'll go for it

Trifle:  like the idea

Meringues I can do, but there are no berries here. I can get strawberries about 2 weeks per year!

Suppose I could serve them with banana (I got a banana farm next door) or pineapple when in season?

Cream is a mission to get here (and to keep it) as well!
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Eton Mess is traditionally strawberries here, but I've done it with lots of different berries, over the years - including other fruits like roasted rhubarb (not stewed, it goes too watery!)  Pineapple might work, but then perhaps make a Pavlova and add any exotic fruits you can to a small layer of custard mixed with cream?

Perhaps you can get tinned or frozen soft fruits?
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The easiest classic dessert I'd say is a strawberry cheesecake -can't get easier than that! Plus I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy cheesecake! It requires no skill and is extremely popular.

Then there's the lemon drizzle cake. Also requires hardly any ingredients and is delicious. Anyway recipes for these two shouldn't be hard to find online.
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What about a bavarian cream?  It's not hard to make, you can make them different flavors, they are soft and extremely comforting, but light (beaten egg whites and whipped cream, with all the air, and the gelatin to keep them fluffy). 

Chocolate, of course.


Strawberry, using frozen.

You can do them individually in molds, and they can be prepared in the morning and not interfere with the cooking - they have to refrigerate a few hours. 

Pavlova is perfect, with small meringues you make in advance, then you can use frozen strawberries, defrost them with some sugar, and then at the last minute you whip the cream and fold in the strawberries (a few raspberries are especially good in them, give it some tartness to contrast the meringue's sweetness) and plop it on top. 

With the kind of menu you have, pies are good too, and once you hav e the technique down they will come out well. 
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Thanks all for your input!

I'm going to introduce some this season.

I'm going to start off with a "choice dessert menu" of 3 or so and see what is the most popular.

It might take a little while as my restaurant and kitchen are under water at the moment /img/vbsmilies/smilies/frown.gif

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