icing or frosting a cake recipes for a beginner

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My son is going to be 1 in a few weeks, and I bought a #1 pan cake that I'd like to decorate with chocolate. I've never done this but I'm really excited and determined to do it for him. Does anyone know of a simple recipe for icing or frosting that I could use? (I'm not sure of the difference, that's why I write both. Any recipe with Nutella?? (Obviously, he's not getting any cake, it would be only for older kids and adults).
Also, is it too diFficult to somehow decorate the cake with the birthday party theme? I think I may be asking too much for my level as a cake baker, but just out of curiosity.
Any ideas, recipes, advice and comments are appreciated!!!
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Hi there! Im new here but I saw this question and wanted to reply to you :peace:

For my sons first birthday I did a Buttercream topping. It was the first time I iced a cake properlly lol
I used the recipe on this you tube video, hope I can link it for you. (Edit, nope cant until after 5 posts lol)
Its from the userSeriousCakes and the title of the vid is titled Buttercream recipe

Good luck. It was SOOO yummy!!!
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Why can he not have a bit of his b-day cake? The poor little guy worked HARD to get to one year old, he deserves a little treat!
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Well...that's true...:lol:
He's having his 1y/o check up the day before the party, so I'll ask the pedi if hazelnuts are ok. I'm sure he'll love Nutella...who doesn't, right?:rolleyes:
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