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What do you think about the iceskating controversy at the winter olympics.. Do you think Canada should have won the gold and what do you think needs to happen to resolve the problem?



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After seeing both competitions, I believe that the Canadian team should have won. But I do understand the pressure that the judges had on them to vote for the Russians after a 40 gold streak. Don't get me wrong, I am not justifying what they did, I'm just saying that I understand why it happened. As to how to resolve this-you got me. You always run into problems when you try to make objective something that is so subjective. Yes, I know that the technical aspect of what skaters do is objective (did they fall? were their landings perfect?), but the aspect of "Presentation" is a very subjective judgement. I don't know that I feel that the gold should be taken away from the Russians, but if there is proof that a judge was pressured to vote one way or another, I feel that that judge should be banned for life from ever judging again.
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A second gold is definitely in order here. Truthfully, the Russians don't deserve a gold, but you can't take that away from them just because of a judge who caved in to pressure.
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I am with you all - the Canadians did deserve the medal. How frustrating it must be for them after all the work and preparation and excitement - I really felt for them. I heard one jerk say it's the United States fault - all of it. Now that I don't see - just because we hosted it? It was a Russian judge and a Canadian team- just don't see how the US can be blamed for any of that. Some people!
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They're only saying it is our fault because the top ref who supervises the judges said something was wrong with the french judge. I guess he was just to stand by and let that happen and not have a fair competition.
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Sort of off topic, but I went ice skating on Friday night for the first time in 13 years. I had an awesome time and didn't fall once! I dragged my husband along and he didn't fall either and the grump admitted to having a good time. Though I don't see him going back as frequently as I would like to go now that my interest is rekindled. So it's all about convincing my friends to go with me. (Why do people get so lame and boring past their early 20's? Then they never want to do anything!)

Anyhow, just had to share that. I read the topic title and thought it was about non-Olympic ice skating and just got excited about it.
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