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I have a question about ice cream.When I make ice cream the next day sometimes it is still smooth and then other times it is hard, is this because of the amount of eggyolks or is it the amount of fat? or something completly different?


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Found this, it might help you:

Grainy ice cream can be cause by a number of things. It happens when you have too much water or alcohol. Alcohol will lower the temperature at which the ice cream will freeze so don’t add too much of it.

Another cause for this problem is the lactose content. When it freezes lactose produce crystals so if you have too much of it will produce too much crystals. You need to reduce the amount of either milk or cream.

Finally the temperature at which the custard is before freezing plays a active role in the texture. If the mixture is too cold it will freeze faster and produce large ice crystals. To prevent it freeze the custard when it is at a temperature between 27° and 35°F.
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Well I am going to stick to my baby, she is cool, reliable, not so big (2qt), and yes , she make take more than a minute but in the end , she makes wonderful stuff ! Last year I had the time of my life making all kinds of ice cream. One of my favs had to be the "Tropical" , it was an explosion of paradise in your mouth.

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