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The sice cream season is almost upon us (in Ontario, anyway), and i have plans to sell some outdoors. it's going to be high quality homemade stuff featuring local ingredients, and i'd be selling it at an outdoor farmers market. Any good ideas regarding how to keep it frozen without buying expensive equipment?Would a well-packed cooler work, considering i plan to only carry about 4 pints with me? am i crazy?

Also, i'd like to make my own cones. i have a few recipes but if anyone has any insight i'd be glad to hear



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I looked into a similar situation about a year ago and dry ice would have been the way to go based on the research I did. One of the problems with the dry ice idea was that there was a minimum purchase amount which was far more dry ice than was needed for the project.

Just realized you were talking about a much smaller amount. A well packed cooler would probably be your best bet. Instead of ice maybe those freezer pack or whatever they are called would the thing to use.
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They sell small packs of dry ice at our local Food City. Don't know where you are, but perhaps they do the same at one of your chains.
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Dry ice will do the trick. The lunch caterers (film shoots) usually put a couple large (2 gallon?) ice cream container in a cooler surrounded by regular ice or a single container in the round Gatorade style coolers and pack it around with ice. This method holds up well for lunch service and might do it for you as long as you keep the lid closed when you are not serving. Try it and find out.
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