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alright i been looking aorund a lil and cant really find nothing. i emailed a few places to get quotes or to see if they have what im looking for but im trying to find some ice cream containers, like the paper/cardboard ones. i kind of been thinking of trying to sell ice cream along with a dessert my mother makes and was trying to get some figures together. summer time is coming and i want to use fresh fruit in them and try to see if i can do something with it. thanks for assistance.
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Have you tried calling box-makers and commercial packaging companies in your area?  Even if they don't make what you want they'll probably have an idea where you can get em.  You might have to be prepared to buy them in large lots, but if you're serious and committed I'm certain you can find a proper source.
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Search using the parameters "ice cream packaging" and "ice cream container suppliers" and you'll get dozens of hits.

You may have to do some heavy research. I haven't checkedt them, but suspect that most of the containers are designed to work on high-speed filling lines. Still, they're out there for hand-filling. You'll just have to look.

Before ordering any, be sure and check the legalities of working on the scale you envision. The health and other rules might make it cost prohibative.

Also, if you have a corporate logo, contact the companies you find on your letterhead, explain what you have in mind, and ask for samples. Most makers will be happy to oblige, and you won't be obligated for a large run of what may or may not be suitable.
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