ICC or LCB (Paris, Ottawa), which one is the best for a international Student?

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I really need your help because this is too stressful for me for a year. I must make a wise decision because it's the rest of my life. Sorry from now for such a long message and my bad English but I had to tell some background of me to get better answers. 

I am from Turkey and I want to go to a culinary school abroad. I was a product design student, and I had an accident 2 years ago. I was about to die, and I had to suspend the college. After I got better, I decided to do the things I want for my life since I was child. 

First of all, I almost read all the threads and I know most of you think a culinary school is not necessary but otherwise I don't have any chance to find a job abroad. Also, even here it's still very hard to find a job if you didn't go to culinary school, and most of the chefs are men and they don't want a woman in the kitchen. (I really tried hard. I worked at some bakeries and hotel kitchens, it's a different story but they didn't even let us to go the kitchen when they're cooking to prevent us learning from their "secrets". They don't share their knowledge, they make gender discrimination and humiliate female chefs.)

The reason why I want to study abroad is: here, people are mostly very very discouraging and not open minded, they don't like anything different from they get used to, they don't want other people to be successful etc... I attended a culinary school here but it was a huge disappointment. They couldn't even explain the basic things like why do we use separated eggs. I knew I need a serious education so I talked to my family and we agreed at me studying abroad in a good school. By the way, I am a self taught but I worked at some bakeries and after I left work, I start to work from home. I am still trying new methods, trying to learn always higher levels, making and selling chocolates, cakes, and hand painted plates. I have a well known food blog and instagram account in Turkey. I mean, this is not a temporary desire. 

I applied, LCB Paris, ICC New York, LCB Ottawa and I got accepted by all of them. Now I have to choose one but I really have no idea about those cities and I don't know which one would be better for me after graduate.

The tuition of Ferrandi and LBC's are the same for me, in turkish liras. ICC is two times more expensive than the others but I don't mind if it worths. 

1) Which school helps me to learn better? Some people think Europe is some out of date, but I have no idea, you are the experts. and I am used to both european and middle eastern culture, because we are in the middle of them. 

2) Which one is better at to get a job in that country, after graduation? I really don't mind starting from the bottom and I don't expect being hired as "pastry chef" after I graduate. I have time, and all I want is learningnew things, learning from good chefs, working at different countries as possible. A working experience in those countries would help me a lot when I go back to Turkey to get a job. I don't want to have my own place in 10 years or so. I want to work at hotel restaurants or fine dining restaurants, and when I feel I am ready to have my own place, I want to have a patisserie in Istanbul, the best one :)

3) Is there any other schools you can recommend me? (community colleges or other one year programs are ok but I can't afford degree programs, they're mostly too expensive for me.)

Thank you for reading :)

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