I would like to thank you all.

Joined Aug 7, 2013
So then, I joined this forum several years ago when I decided to change my career from audio production to food production. My little recording studio wasn't large enough to support the amount of clientele I was generating and building or leasing a studio wasn't fiscally feasible. I sold all of my equipment and began to focus on furthering my culinary education with the goal of opening my own food truck. Other than a brief stint at a fried chicken joint during my first year in college, I had no experience in the business. Yes, I'd been cooking for many years, but it would have been stupid to go into business in which I had no experience. I enrolled in college again and began to study the culinary arts, formally, as well as got my first job as a cook for a career. I joined cheftalk.com.

Over these years, you fine men and women have answered my questions and helped me develop more questions. The guidance, insight, and support you all have shown me over these years have been as advantageous to my career as working in these kitchens. From simple recipe questions to helping me develop my business plan, none of you have failed me.

I've just been hired as the Chef of a popular Jamaican restaurant here, in San Antonio, Texas. All I wanted was to open a food truck. Serendipity.

Every response to my posts has helped. All of the private messages have helped. I didn't look to be Chef of a restaurant; I just wanted to run my food truck. Yet, here I am. You have helped me immensely. For this I am thankful.

Thank you all.

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