I would just like to thank everyone that drop a short note to me

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I hope everyone is doing fine I have been very busy with getting ready for our next competition in March.
I am not the best on our team but I work very hard to have the place that I have on our team. My place on our team is the Alternate.
I am hopeful for a better place on the team in the fall. I am not saying I am not important, because I know that I am.
I have been trying very hard to work this site but, I just don't know how.

thanks for your time
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Dear Ronnie, no worries my friend. We are all happy to have you with us. I look forward to seeing more on your compititions.
as far as the site goes. When you come to the cover page of cheftalk and click on the community to enter the boards (thats were we are now)You scroll down the page. On your left of each forum is a light bulb. If it is yellow that means that someone has posted since the last time you were on that forum. To access a forum just click on the forum header and it will open up. you then can scroll somemore to see the topices within the forum and click on anything that gives you interest. The "Thread" will open and you can read along ECT, to reply simply click on Reply and another window will open where you write your text. When done scroll down and hit "send reply" also on the top right of the forum page is active topics. If you click on that it will bring you to all the last posts of every forum. you can click on those as well to open them up.
I hope this helps, and nice to meet you
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Ronnie, I second Cape Chef's encouragement. Also, this board can be a bit confusing when you're first visiting. The remedy is to stop by often! If you ever have a question, post here and ask. Someone will be happy to help.
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