I was looking for reviews of a recipe... But people kept turning it into something completely differ

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How do people even get reviews and feedback for their recipes when some people alter it into something completely different, then criticize it based on their changes? How does one completely change the flavor profile and treat it like the original recipe? 

Maybe I'm overly sensitive to this, because I've just become brave enough to start making and writing my own recipes?

I do like and appreciate constructive criticism, but turning it into a completely different dish doesn't seem helpful?
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Don't sweat it, because you can't do anything about it.  Weak people will always find a way to blame someone else for their own mistakes.  It's kind of like trying to get a chuhuahua to stop barking.  It can't be done unless you physically muzzle the dog.  Oh, and a lot of weak people refuse to be educated too....

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