I used my flower garden space for herbs instead.

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I already have a patch in my yard that has flowers in it, and I liked the idea of stepping out on my porch and cutting fresh herbs for dinner.  So I planted basil, parsley, thyme, oregano, rosemary, summer savory, cilantro, chives and in a separate pot, mint.  Oh and flanking my door I have lavender in pots but mostly for the good smell rather than for cooking. 

I think the neighbors must think I am nuts but I really get a kick out of stepping out onto my porch to get some herbs! 
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Oh, it's nice to know. /img/vbsmilies/smilies//smile.gif

Do you have all that herbs in your garden?
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I'm thinking of doing the same thing with my flower garden.  Being summer here, it's all gone to weeds :(  There's a nice tall rose bush in the middle of it, so i'll keep that and dig out around it, and save the bulbs of iris and day lillies in the garage for re-planting later.  I just need a garden fork now and a cool overcast day.  Hmm might have left it a bit long.

Where there's hope there's life.

Would like to plant my rosemary that's hiding in a pot,mint,  then some curly parsley - I prefer it, has more flavour, to me.  Also spinach, tomato plants, capsicums, chillies, marigolds to keep the bugs away and to add to salads, spring onions, garlic chive....ok that's enough, the space will only take some much!

With the kids on summer break I won't have so much ferrying around to do, so the time is ripe.


The shop tomatoes still taste awful so that's why I really want to grow my own.
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That's good! But remember as for me, I usually plant my veges and herbs on how much I consume it. For example, I always use tomatoes for

my everyday meal. So, I make some more space for my tomato so that I will have a lot of tomatoes to harvest and the others that I rarely or use not much, I do make lesser space for my garden. Just my to cents. :D
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