I tip my "Chapeau"

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To all my friends and colleuges,

For this next week there are going to be many of you out there working your hardest shifts of the year.

I want to thank you for what you do, And as people sit down to enjoy there Christmas/New years eve feasts...Remember the men and woman who are behind the lines in the worlds kitchens taking care of all of us.

My best to you all...
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To reiterate CC's applause for the hard work going on in the kitchens of restaurants everywhere,

If I may borrow from Jeff Smith...
"To all the line cooks in our fine American restaurants; heroes of the fire and flame, heroes we seldom see..."


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I wish all of my friends in the kitchen a Merry Christmas and may you have a special time with your family.
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I made it through another year, and though I'm not on the front lines I remember vividly every drop of sweat I ever spilled in the name of culinary arts. So I too tip my retired toque to all of you and wish you the best of health and happiness in all the coming years. I hope they are many.

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