I Think My Instructor Depleted Me Somehow

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    /img/vbsmilies/smilies/confused.gif  The instructor I complained about to the dean and dept. chair apologized profusely and literally begged me to resolve our disagreements and I agreed by writing a letter of resolution.  Even though I'm glad it's over,  I still feel a bit depleted.  I guess 3 months of him being a jerk to me can have that effect.  No matter how many apologies he pleads, I hate to admit it, but I don't think I will ever trust him again.  For 3 months this guy has shown me how bigoted he is towards older African American females and has convinced me that he has stereotypical views on what he perceives how all AA act.  He was amazed that my husband is a professional.  I didn't even discuss my personal life with him, he asked a student whose father knows my husband.  I have since spoken to the student about it.

    /img/vbsmilies/smilies/bounce.gifSo far, I've been using fitness as a means of healing.  Intense cardio 3x a week and ballet/pilates 2x week, seems to be working for me. Once I briefed my husband on the situation, I didn't burden him with it any further.  I used to, but I stopped.  My husband gives me support when I need it, and I figure it out by either writing about it, meditating or praying.  Our home is loving and peaceful and I plan on keeping it that way.

    Having a fitness program is especially beneficial in this industry because of the heavy lifting, quick movements, and long hours on your feet.  I really want to excel in my new profession, possibly make a few friends, and know that the difference between me and that instructor is that I don't have to hurt anyone in order to appease my ego./img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif  
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    Shame to hear that, honest to goodness racists are pretty disgusting. I don't know why you would ever trust him again, personally I don't see why you would ever trust anybody... but hey that's just me. Not trusting him doesn't mean he doesn't know a thing or two about cooking, if possible try to compartmentalize the fact that hes a bigot, this in of itself is something you may have to learn. There's a lot of pretty horrible people you will meet on your journey, one of the best teachers I ever had was a terrible human being. Stick with the fitness, I find Yoga, and any kind of core training help immensely.
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    I have genuine empathy for you on the depleted feeling.
    After more that 20 years nursing in the fast moving high stress departments (Labor/Delivery, NICU, ED, Trauma Surgery) I took leave for a second lumbar fusion that left me unable to continue along my career path.
    I fully expected to be able to return to something I loved but could not.
    Irate and sad then acceptance and........ a sort of depletion like you describe.
    Adrenaline withdrawl.
    So excited for your eminent graduation and eventual position (OBTW Hilton is an awesome product with the best customer service training in hospitality industry IMO) on the line.
    Have fun with it!