I Taught a Candy Class!

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    I do volunteer work cooking meals at a local social service operation. Part of the program there is teaching their clients life skills, including cooking. As part of that, I got to teach a few of them how to make some candies so they could have something special to give on V Day.

    I want to give special thanks to Panani, one of our chef talk members. He graciously gave me a bunch of equipment a while back that helped out a lot in the class. Especially the silpats and the copper sugar pan. Thanks Jeff!




    Everyone had a great time. The peanut brittle was the hands down favorite. The caramel then chocolate covered pretzles were pretty popular too. They were amazed at the sponge toffee and how big it grew. We tried doing some cream ganaches, but they took too long to set.

    I'm teaching another class this month for people who didn't get to go to the last one.