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    that I should introduce myself!

    My name is Tamara Stewart and I raise and race horses for a living.

    I also am a personal, sometimes professional and also a private chef.

    I love to garden, play the piano and have fun with my dogs and cat.

    The funny part....I have a significant other and his name is Potato.

    How many recipes for Potato's do I have?!

    My home town is Carmel, CA...and I mainly live in the Sierra Nevada Foothills on our Ranch.
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    Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk Tamara.

    Wow, DH and I just went through your neck of the woods on a road trip, beautiful country side, both in Carmel and the Sierra Nevada's.

    It seems that you've already jumped in feet first, great!  We all share our original and unique dishes, photos of them, and new ideas to kick around.  CT is a different type of forum, as you've probably noticed.

    Should you have questions in regards to the site, please feel free to PM a Moderator or Admin person. 

    Enjoy, k~girl