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    When I took all the exams and was probed and tested and psycho-analized and profiled and sorted and compartmentalized and inspected and injected and selected, the U.S. Army said that my best options for getting the most out of me as a soldier were either the Army's cook and foodservice school or signal-intellicence and crypto school.

    A no-brainer.

    I went to Ft. Jackson, South Carolina for boot for eight weeks and then went to Ft. Devens, Mass. for a year to learn Morse Code and Russian, and wave propogation and typing and Chinese and when I got out of the Army four years, five months, and twenty-seven days later, knowing Morse Code didn't do a lot to get me employed.

    In the forty years since I was discharged I've been a carpenter, a house painter, a carpet installer, a wallpaper hanger, an upholsterer, a drapery installer, a paint salesman, and many and sundry others.

    Until 1984 when a friend who owned an oysterbar-seafood pub asked me to go to work in the kitchen a couple nights a week after I got off work cutting up burned-up houses and rebuilding them.

    Why not. I hung around there and drank Anchor-Steam and played darts and why the **** not.


    I was hooked.

    This is what the Army said I as suited for back in 1963.

    I have been in a kitchen on and off since 1984 and have been a KM since 1991. Primarily saloons and sports bars

    Oh, how I love this. Oh, how I look forward to going to work.

    Had I gone to cook's school I probably would have been Emeril by now.

    Every day I go to work at SportsLine Bar and Grille is another day of self-fulfillment.

    Being a KM in a saloon is the best of all worlds.

    I love it, I dearly do.
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    Welcome Snake, couldn't resist responding to a posting that paraphrased from Arlo's tribute to Alice. I think you'll enjoy this forum, pleny of folks that can appreciate both cooking and a little fun.

    Often thought that your line of work was where I really ought to be, but sometimes life deals you another hand entirely. However as long as your livelihood doesn't drive you crazy, and you have plenty of other ways to have fun... works for me.

    again welcome,

    Still, I always thought it would've been a nice touch to be able to get a little Alice along with anything you want.:lips:
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    Snake, how could I have missed your post??! Welcome to Chef Talk. There's plenty to learn from and lots of chances to share your knowledge, too.