I plead fruitcake ignorance!

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Today is Stir Up Sunday - I've been making Christmas cakes, christmas puddings and black bun since the crack of dawn - as is traditional in my family.

I DID check out that site you gave... didn't get past the opening page though - I saw it mentioned peaches ...... IN CHRISTMAS CAKE? Naaaaahhhhhh :roll:
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Thats bloody keen Ishbel.

N peaches?? Well i've used crushed pineapple in the dry run for the christmas cake this year. Turned out a treat. Found the recipe for giggle cake?? in a bbq book. I'll be having another bash at it soon, with added booze.
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Whit can ah say, BH? Ah'm that kinna wumman, richt enuf!

8 christmas cakes - 12 christmas puds and 4 black buns.....

Shortbread and mincepies are baked on Christmas eve!:lol:
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I have made fruit cakes over the years many times.
Never the same, not even close.
Last time I made them I did them on mini loaves.
Knowing the usual reaction to them I
didn't want large amounts tossed.
everything went in more than imagineable.
Many nuts many fruits many varieties
of chips and eve (don't laugh) gum drops cut up.
No weird citronish stuff or rind of any kind either.
Dried friuits though and lots of cherries.
A ton of butter a little boooz and
more compliments came rolling in than ever before. It was sensational.

You know a little slice with a cup
of coffee um um good. Cost a fortune to make
but I didn't care.
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Before my palate was educated, I loved the tooth-achingly sweet American fruitcake with neon colored candied fruit. (It's still a guilty pleasure, but it sends my blood sugar to the moon!)

Then I tasted a traditional English fruit cake made by my sister-in-law for her wedding to my brother. Oh....my....heavens! I'm an addict now. She made the cake five weeks before the wedding and didn't stint with the booze. Fabulous!
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well thanks for the food memories...
I will see if I can get a fruitcake recipe out of a friend whose husband is from the UK, they do a good fruitcake. She did just tell me that they were stumped this year because one of the ingredients had become illegal or something like that.. bisnaga? or acitron.

cheers, K:smiles:
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