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Hello again,

I have a question regarding a picture, i saw of an interior of a kitchen. The question is why is their some Granite counters in the kitchen and is there any other observations that you chefs only know and would help in the kitchen designing process. I mean how is it useful? won't it get affected by the chemicals used in cleaning the kitchen?

another thing is looking at these pictures , how would you describe this kitchen?
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Looks like the "kitchen" has been turned a few times - hasn't always been a dim sum place. Food Court?

Granite is fine - no reason to rip-out something that works as-is. If you are going into a remodel/spending mode - Prioritize things based on what feedback the line cooks have first...

1. Is there any ratty workspaces, unsafe equipment, poor lighting, poor ventalation or lack of power where there needs to be power?

    - Fix that stuff first.

2. Equipment Capacity - Do you need more or less of something? If you use two fryers and have eight - make room for something you do need.

3. Work flow. I don't understand the hoods in the center of the kitchen, above.... nothing. A lot of wasted space.

    - Use the center space to consolidate all your line equipment toward the back wall.

    - Consolidate all your service equipment on the buffet/front side of that center-line for ease of use and faster customer service. (Drink systems, etc...)

If you wanted to blow a ton of cash them put drains in the floor, raise all the line equipment up 3" for easier cleaning, resurface the walls with steel and floor with non-skid.

Was the shop closed when these pics were taken? I see like - Two employees and a massive kitchen. Is it really that under-utilized?

Can't get over all those vent hoods everywhere there is no equipment to vent. And the fire system aimed at your prep-station with nothing really dangerous in use there... My guess is that this was probably designed as a high-volime kitchen at one time - then sold - then re-purposed - and now there is a lot of over-kill where not needed.

Your blurry guy working what looks to be a steam table is like 35 feet from his prep station - maybe convert some of those prep refers to deli or pizza stations.

Tell your blurry guy to ditch that rag or rope or whatever it is that's tied to the refer and touching the floor. And tell him to sweep the damn floor - It is substandard.

Prep area needs wipe-down since it isn't in use. Missing lables inside that display cooler - some other housekeeping issues, but lets stay focused here...

Yah - the equipment at that prep/cutting board area needs to be relocated - and give those guys a nice open place to work. they are all crammed in with a microwave and doughnut case?

Move all of that stuff over to where the center island steam area appears to be.

Where is dish? Is that the other 1000sq/ft of kitchen area that is over-allocated?

It is hard to say what is needed or not from just looking at these images. A few things need to improve for workflow. Hope that helps.
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This is not a typical kitchen as such. This is more or less a display ot ODK (open display  kitchen) It appears to have been changed around as Trooper pointed out because duct work is over nothing.. Don't know what type cuisine they sell so I don't know if it's practical or not. , but it is nice. 

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