I need to vent...no need to reply

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I really just need to scream and put this out there to make myself feel good.  I went to work this morning, my first shift of 4 days of doubles back to back.

I was in a great mood, the energy in our kitchen was pleasing and I was doing my prep for the evening and cooking the tickets.  I had also organized the dry goods shed and finished my project of cleaning the entire kitchen, walls, shelves, floors, everything.

At 1:32 my chef looks at me, says we are closed.  Time to break down.  I make a quick taco roll for both of us and get ready to break it all down to go home.  

The owner comes into the kitchen and says "Oh April, I need your brain in the office."  I politely state that I have no brain left.....

I dutifully walk into the office to hear that some girl is going to use our wireless to upload white water pictures on her laptop to the office everyday from our property and she can't connect.  I spend about 15 minutes  checking all the obvious options.  No connections.  So I get my cell and call my husband, whom my boss knows works in IT.  I ask him to help me, he walks me through everything I had done.  I tell the chica that I can't get it to work.  She then tells me that it is new computer and she spent 3 hours with her tech support at her office yesterday.  OK, why is this now my problem?  Why does the owner feel he can use me, my family at his whim and take me away from my work?  I spent an extra hour at work doing my breakdown, prep and set up for the evening.

I am just tired already, want to do good work, prepare great food and walk away feeling good.  Today it just isn't happening.

There is my vent, no need to reply, now I can just go back and pull of a great dinner shift.
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Thats the kind of job where you give an inch more than your job entails and they take it further.  Its also the kind were you do something once and theywill askfor it all the time.  I do my job very well and rarely do i do something different unless it benefits company and myself. been burned way too many times.  I know I didnt have to reply but figured it would be nice.
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Thank you so much for your kind words.  Like everything else, after being upset for a few hours, I woke up and went back to work as I always do and gave it all I could.   I will not however, help with OPP on computers.  I have kitchen work and it needs to be done in timely manner.

I am sorry that you also had to learn the lesson.  
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