I Need To Dramatically Change My Cooking Techniques

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My husband just had blood work done and the doctor called;

he told me that his sugar is “abnormally high and to watch the carbs”. 

However cryptic that may sound, he gave now clear cut guide lines as if he were diabetic,

but that he “doesn’t want to have to put him on any medications”. 

So with this all said, I need to REALLY change what and how I cook. 

I have been on the internet looking at different Diabetic sites,

but since he is not, yet, I’m not sure which direction to go. 

Does anyone have some suggestions for me?
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KG.... I'm type 2, carbs are the killer. All that good stuff, rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, cakes, cookies....you get the idea.

Every diabetic reacts differently to carbs and sugars. I can eat bread in moderation, but rice and pasta drives my bs through the roof. Fresh fruit does also, except apples.

I cut out all the candy, desserts etc, it was hard at first, but does not bother me now. I can have just a bite of pie, cake, ice cream etc and that's enough for me.

Read the labels, sugar is in everything. Jams, jellies for instance. one brand might have 15g sugar and another of the same flavor will have 7g.....you get the idea.

Lets say you go out for Mexican, he gets the big burrito w/ rice and beans.

That tortilla could have 40-50 carbs alone, then the rice and beans, and all those fresh hot tortilla chips that are set in front of you with salsa. You could hit 100 carbs in no time.

I found a pasta replacement, called tofu shirataki  not nearly as good as real pasta, but you can have that plate of pasta and not worry about the carbs.

Soda pop....ridiculous....

I try to eat about 50% salad/veggies, 30 protein, 20 carbs
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I try to eat about 50% salad/veggies, 30 protein, 20 carbs
This is what I was reading online about diabetes, that he should have no more than 60g of carbs per meal and to make sure to have 3 meals a day and a snack (no proplem there).  But my hubbie is American-Italian, "no pasta, what?!"  You should have seen the look on his face when I sat him down to tell him. 

I should mention, he is not diabetic, but he's probably headed in that direction if we don't take hold and do something about his "abnormally high sugar levels" as the doctor (or I should say his medical assistant) put it. 

We go back to see him again in two weeks and I have a boat load of question for him, he's going to hate my guts, but too bad!! 
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Have a big salad along with his pasta.

Also, uhm, exercise.  40 minutes of brisk walking helps tremendously.
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You got that one right on the button Kuan.

We have all the time in the world now that we're "retired" and the weather has been great,

so I send him to the pool to swim laps, he's up to a half mile, as well as a 3 mile walk every morning. 

He's lost 35 pounds so far, now we need to tackle food.


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It's hard to say no to good food isn't it?
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YUP!! You got that straight Kuan!!

Look at us, I only cook good food!!

Portion control baby!!  That's what we need to embrace. (right chef PeteMcCracken?)

Tonight was grilled boneless-skinless chicken breast with mushrooms with spinach and a 1/2 cup of steamed rice.

I kept track today of everything that went into his mouth and he is still under 200g of carbs today.

Yeah Me!!
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When it comes to carbs there can be some real surprises as to what does or does not have a high count. I live with a type 2 diabetic, and have practically taken up residence at the composition of foods database for that reason.

You also might think about how to add flavor within his dietary rules. Take that chicken. Why skinless & boneless, when both of them contribute flavor? And, frankly, I can't imagine putting skinless chicken on the grill---it's almost guaranteed to dry out that way.

If he can't eat the skin for health reasons it can always be removed after cooking.
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My father has to take medication. He stopped about a month ago and I had him in the ER with a 600 blood glucose level. Portion control is important, but you seem to already have the other stuff down. Exercise, weight, and as for the portions it's healthier to eat 6 small meals a day spaced out every 2 hrs or so than 3 larger ones spaced farther apart. There is one other thing you might be interested in. This site has very good nutritional data on almost every food ingredient and probably thousands of pre-prepared items. One interesting thing they also show is an "estimated glycemic load" which would be the effect that a particular ingredient has on blood sugar after consumption. http://nutritiondata.self.com/help/estimated-glycemic-load

Good luck and good health!
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Goods points KYHeirloomer.

Our chicken breast last night was a big hit and there was plenty for lunch today too.

Thanks to you eastshores as well, we had just been talking about the glycemic index prior to my husband’s doctor dropping this bomb shell on us. 

I have long been a proponent of multiple small meals throughout the day, which I have had a devil of a time convincing him of. 

Maybe now he will listen more closely to me.

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Tonight’s menu was Trout fillets en papillote, well at least my version of it anyway.

Still having issues with portions, he was better only 1 ½ fillets and loads of veggies

and a salad of tomato, onion and cucumber. 

Dessert will be later tonight, cantaloupe.
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I have been a type 2 diabetic for about 10 years now.It really is about portion control and lots of exercise.

a serving of meat is 4 oz or about the size of your palm

a serving of cheese is about the size of your thumb or 1 ounce

a serving of pasta 1/2 c  rice 1/3c

a serving of potato is half a small one   no bakers use red or yukon gold types

grapes 1/2 c

cherries 10 pcs

1/2 apple

small orange 1

strawberries 1c

peach 1/2 c pineapple

cantaloupe  1/4

1/2 cob corn

peas/squash 1/2 cup

i slice bread preferably whole wheat,multigrain

1/2 c plain yogurt

1 slice bacon

try to get 10 servings of fruit and veggies a day.

no juices

eat your meals on a salad plate

your plate should be 1/2 veggies there are many you can eat as much as you want of celery,lettuce,onions,beans,spinach.radishes etc.

1/4 of your plate should be protein and 1/4 carbos.beets,carrots,parsnips,mixed veg., 1/2 c.

I got these examples from the chart they gave me at the diabetes center I go to every year.If I can help in any way let me know. I have discovered we really dont need to eat as much as we think  we do and if you want a bit of bad food make sure you exercise it off asap.
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Mahalo pattypan!!

The plate size is important!!

Over the past four years I have been quietly changing his plate size and he hasn't even noticed!!

And this all before doctor said "abnormally high blood sugar".

Pasta, white rice and bread are his weakness I have to say.

The small victory that I have is he has a choice, only one "white" food.

Like at breakfast, pick bread, homefriesm etc, but just one.

No pasta AND bread anymore.

I take this as a challenge!  Throw down the gauntlet!  I'm ready for a fight BABY!!
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try spaghetti squash sometime. Also there are higher fiber pastas out there that are really good. Barilla PLUS comes to mind as a great one. IF you cook more Italian style at home he will get less carbs and such anyway. Space it out and go for many courses. Bread is not served with pasta in proper Italian kitchens. He will fill up on veg and stuff before the pastas come. Make him soups and such. The biggest thing is to cook with big flavor and he will not feel the need to eat as much. Make strong flavored dressings for salad. Think Zesty Italian. Get amazing salumi and cut it paper thin. Use Asiago cheese on his minestrone and put Kale in it. Give him flavor and he will eat less and better. In Italian food flavor does not have to come from sugar and fat. Italians(like myself) need to feel satisfied with food or we over eat... TRUST me haha.
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They say desperation breeds innovation. Consider doing some wiki articles here on cheftalk. Good food is good, and honestly, good food really takes good ingredients and a deft mind. With yours so set on a diabetically-healthy menu, you could teach us all a thing or two!
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I'm sad you got that call.

MANY MAHALOS JEFF!!!  I appreiciate your sentiment.

I missed this post, you must have been posting at the same time as myself.

I think it was better that I got the call rather than Mister... he has a habit of not listening and then comes to me about an hour later, "what did she/he say?"

I did wait until all of the hub-bub-bubb was settled in our house before I told him (about 3-4 days), that way too, I was very calm and matter of fact.

We're not talking about "you're going toes tomorrow" but he needs to more aware of what is going in his mouth, which he kinda' leaves to me, so there we are...
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… and you’re right RGM2, BIG BOLD TAISTY!! 

I tried squash on him before, not so much, I like it!!

I’m going to slow introduce the fiber pasta and see that goes over.

He’s very stubborn when it comes to “Italian food” or what he calls Italian food.

The last time we were in the Philadelphia area visiting his family,

I insisted on this Northern Italian restaurant and you would have thought I tried to murder him!!!  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/tongue.gif
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