I need to ask Pastry Chefs 12 questions

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    I decided in the fall of last year after being laid off from an office job that I belong in the kitchen making pastries which was a difficult decision to make since I'm in my late 30's now. I got into a pastry program and I'm starting this September which I'm really excited about. I also qualify for some government funding that I'm trying to get to support myself while I'm in school. Part of the application is to interview 3 pastry chefs and ask the questions below. It's mainly to make sure that I can find employment after I graduate because they're investing money in me. I would really appreciate your replies. You can send them to me in a private message. I would also need your name, job title, company and phone number.

    1- what is the skill set and level needed in your company for someone to obtain employment in this position?

    2- what level of education would that person need?

    3- what kind and how much experience would someone need?

    4- would a practicum or a coop placement satisfy your experience requirement?

    5- what are the daily duties of this job?

    6- is the work part time, full time, contractual or seasonal?

    7- how many hours per week could someone expect to work?

    8- what is the starting salary range?

    9- how often do positions become available for this type of work?

    10- which training institutions do you (the employer) recognize?

    11- would you consider hiring someone if they had the skills/training we have discussed? If not, why?

    12 what further training would you require?