I need some SERIOUS help making lollipops!

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Okay, so I am a wonderful baker. When it comes to flour and sugar and delicious frosting, I have no problem at all. I sell my items for parties and special events. 

Recently I decided to add hard candy to the mix. Only lollipops. Pretty basic ones like the round spherical kind that are just one flavor and made in a mold. No big deal. But then I got a request for 150 black and white whirly/swirly lollis. AH! I totally thought this would be a piece of cake!

Wrong. I need to have these all made and shipped by Monday. She ordered only yesterday. They are favors for her wedding. 

I found a great recipe on here for pulling sugar, and I assumed that is the way I would go about it. The mixture works out perfectly. The problem is that I cant get the two colors to stick together.

The first time I made a batch, I read that it would be okay to pour the mix on parchment or wax paper. That was definitely incorrect. So I made a second batch after reading that I can use really any hard surface as long as there is a light coating of vegetable oil or cooking spray.

I could already tell this was working much better because I was able to fold the mix into the center over and over with no problem.

The problem starts when I try to twist the black and white together. The cooking spray prevents the stuff from sticking to the counter, but also makes it not even stick to eachother! When I wrap them together, they just slide right apart.

So here are some questions:

1- I can't go out and purchase a marble slab or whatever, so what can I do at home to make the mix NOT stick to the counter, but still stick to eachother?

2- Is there some type of equipment I can buy that will make this automatically? Maybe something I can put the two colors in and it will push them out already combined? haha

3- Does anyone know where I can find a video tutorial? The only ones I keep coming up with are for polymer clay, or for rainbow lollis that look like a tye-dyed mess. 

If anyone has any suggestions at all that would make my life a million times easier, that would be wonderful!

After this experience, I have learned to NEVER say I will do something I have never done. hahaha Here is a picture of what I'm trying to make:

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Sounds like way too much oil.

I'd skip the pan spray, and use a very lightly oiled paper towel.
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 It's not the marble. What is your formula. Are you using any glucose and tataric acid?

Do you have any type of silicone mats? I wouldn't think it should be a problem, it's just like candy cane.

Put two long worms together. 1 white and 1 black. Roll and twist.OR  You can also drop the white on top of black

under lamp and pull it 3 times to multiply the stripes. Then you can work the whole rope under the lamp. Roll into snails and cut off and insert stick under lamp and place them in a hairdryer air breeze. It's the same proceedure you would use for ribbon.

Are you using milkwhite?. or coloring?

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I'm using coloring Americolor brand white and black colors for the mix. I do not have a heat lamp yet but I'm doing this in small batches and havent had a problem with it not staying warm. I am using Cream of Tartar. The recipe I am using I found in this forum. I have actually tried two recipes. Both are working great for the mix itself, its just so oily. My main issue seems to be that I can't make it not stick to the counter top, but still stick to each other. 

The first recipe I tried was posted by...cakerookie? I accidentally closed that window and now I cant find the recipe! I have been searching her posts and am not even done with the year 2006 yet! haha

The other recipe I tried, and really like even though the comments say its not that great is at http://www.ehow.com/how_4898249_make-swirl-lollipops.html. Te mix worked perfectly fine for me. Again, its the problem with making them stick together but not to my counter. 

Please keep in mind that the extent of my hard candy knowledge ends with pouring the mix into molds. :)
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I gotcha.

Like tin says, to much oil. It also tells me your probably not working hot enough. The sugar itself will present oily.

Your probably going to need a better surface. Your really needing a silpat (silicon baking sheet). You just pour

on the sheet and you can actually lift the corners to fold in the sugar.

Cake rookie was around 2002,3? He was just starting out. You should see plenty of my posts also.

   Between you and I, as wedding favors, they are going for looks over taste. I would use isomalt. Much easier to

work with and boil.

Remember, if your hands are not burning your not working hot enough/img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif

Use gloves, your hands will remove the sheen

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Perfect! I found a Wilton Silicone Mat at Michaels, and it worked perfectly! Thank you guys so much for your help! You saved my life! (ok, maybe not really, but pretty much)
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