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First of all I'm so glad I can find a place where the people have a great passion for food. I been working in call centers my whole life and I was never happy, the only time I find joy is in front of my stove and watching people enjoy the food that I prepare. I decided to stop my crying and do what I love to do which is explore the wonderful world of cuisine and be a chef, however I'm so afraid of going from a stable job to go to culinary school to refine my skills and I'm hearing so many horror stories like people only being able to be dishwashers or people can't find jobs being a chef because they don’t have the experience. Does anyone have any advice the can give. because I'm really scared I'm going to do something that might hurt my future if a don’t find a good job after culinary school.
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Despite the propaganda put out by some culinary schools, you will not come out with a degree and, presto! become a chef. You will, as with any other career, start near the bottom of the ladder and work your way up over time.

Sometimes the bottom is, as you say, dishwashing. Sometimes it's starting on the line. But that's the nature of the beast. Did you really think that with no experience somebody would hire you as a chef?

I short, you have to pay your dues. This is no different than any other career path you might pursue. If you're not willing to do that, then you need to give serious thought to your carrer path.
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There are a lot of threads about people nervous about entering the industry, usually about shelling out for culinary school and not getting or being able to do the job...There are also threads with posts that state we will watch you like a hawk and know within hours, days max, if you have what it takes...So you need to know before you invest if you have what it takes to get a return or at least break even....you need a break to find out.

What do you have that a busy kitchen can use?....free labour. I'd never heard of a 'stagiaire' before coming here but I've got people into kitchens this way & done it myself. The quickest way into a kitchen is through the back door...where the sink is, after that I can get more done, quicker with less stress if I have a spare pair of hands with working pair of ears attached...free? I'm not going to turn it down.

You need an edge maybe this is it...the only applicant that matters is the one in the kitchen.Listen to everything you're told & try to figure out where everything is & should be, if you can't..ask (just once please!)..when you know where it is you can go get for them...runners are handy.
Try to be fast, efficient and show initiative...chefs are used gauging workers by how they approach the job....if you run out of work ask if you can peel something?
You might end up shelling oysters but the point is you'll be making yourself useful in the kitchen & that is worth paying for!

Chefs are always gonna need help & always appreciate those who give to them...get yourself in that position & find out if you need to shell out to skill up!
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Thank you so much you have no idea how this will help me /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smiles.gif.  I just can't wait to go to school  and learn.
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I'm willing to do it and I want to do it, it's what I've dreamed of every since I can remember, and paying due's is what I do best lmao. I've just heard of allot of horror story's but my passion and love is driving me more than financial need, I don't know if that is  crazy or not but I won't be complete until I do what I love to do despite my fears. Thanks for the advice your awesome!
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Luv4food, I recommend you dig through the threads on the Culinary Schools thread, and use the search tool to read earlier threads. A lot of your questions may be answered, and some new ones arise as well.

Good luck!

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