I need reviews/opinons/help on Culinary Schools

Discussion in 'Choosing A Culinary School' started by messymeyah, Jan 22, 2014.

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    I'm graduating from high school next year and I plan on going to Culinary School, but I am stuck on which Culinary School to go to. I thought I had it all figured out, but now i'm freaking out. I don't want a wasted culinary experience at a school that lands me in so much debt. So, can I get opinions/reviews on Culinary Schools that you guys have attended?
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    Will may be attending culinary school for my second degree in the field in 3 months...maybe <_<

    To be honest, in your shoes i much rather do a community college knowing the curriculum doesn´t differ from that of culinary schools with a rep. It would most likely be cheaper, you may just get you moneys worth, learn, network, as well as get the degree you wish. 

    The goal is get the degree, because to be honest experience in the field is just as valueable. A degree will get your foot in the door , experience is what will allow you to maintain them open. 
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