I need new ideas for steaks!!!!

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Hello all! I am writing a new menu for the told me that I HAVE to have a ny steak. a rib eye, and filet mignon. However, I need some fresh and unique ideas on things to do with a steak. In the past, we have peppered them, served them with caramalized onions, served them with demi sauce. served them with bleu cheese.

any different ideas????????
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When writing menus i grab a couple of brews, flip through some cookbooks and go from there. Usually a recipe or picture will spark an idea for a dish. Also consider clientele and what they will or won't eat of course ;).
As for HAVE to have meats, thats par. You probably serve prime rib so ribeye steak is great for cross utilization. Filet and NY are a given.

hth, danny
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There's a restaurant in NYC called Dylan Prime, which offers patrons the opportunity to customize their steaks with different crusts and sauces. You might see if you can find out more about what they do.

But, hey, do you mean you don't know any other sauces or condiments? You're the CHEF, man. :chef: :eek:
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Maybe this is a dumb question but when you say you "peppered" them, was it a steak au poivre with a cognac (or brandy) based sauce? Steak au poivre is my preferred way for preparing steak.

Cuban mojo marinated grilled steaks are fantastic.

Dry rubs can be pleasant.

It's kinda lowbrow but just plain beef gravy is good on steaks, as is bechamel.

With sauteed mushrooms?

A butter sauce?

With garlic butter?

I've never heard or seen it done before, but alfredo would probably make a wonderful sauce for steak.


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The Chiinese do a peppered Steak with onions dish that I really like. They use steak cut in thin strips but should transfer to a whole steak too.

Marinate with a soy/rice wine and just a hint of garlic for a bit. Pepper heavily, Cook over high heat. Sear off onions, add some marinade, reduce a bit, serve all over steak.


Perhaps serve it with some rice and stir fried vegies. Needs no particular other Asian touches, IMHO.

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I have always liked compound butters with my steaks. A little old hat perhaps but still good. Things like a rib steak mirebeau with anchovy butter, maitre d'hotel butter is actually nice with a steak,
roasted peppers, garlic etc. Wine, brandy etc.
Use your imagination, stuff 'em too!


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We did garlic butter on steaks last year at Scout Camp and it was well received.

There are some fun savory preserves to use on steaks too. Garlic Jelly, Red Pepper Jelly, Onion Jams/Marmalades, perhaps a bit of each?



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Simple and classic prepartions have always worked for me. Try steak frite, carpetbagger, bordelaise, rossini, etc. Maybe blackened even. My feeling is you can easily ruin a steak by trying too hard.

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Charred onions with Bourbon/Ginger redux

Smoked tomato fondue and Feta with a tapinade crust

Nesteled with candied shallots and roast garlic

Come on chef! you can think of some things..

Your filets will need the most help because there the least flavorful,but rib eyes,ny steaks should just be salted and peppered and grilled till rare and enjoyed.

Think about your sides with these meats, make them stand out in a way to compliment your beef selections. A good peice of beef should be prepared with little fuss (but excellent quality and cooking vessels) I mean carne asada,tartare,capacchio rely on quality instead of overly thought out sauces.
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I was simply just asking a question to get some ideas. Isnt this a place in which we all can ask questions and get ideas? When I posted that.... it was late at night... i had one to many glasses of red wines and I wasent thinking cleary.

It was a simple question.
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we all need a little motivation once in a while suzanne, i understand that steak seems a simple dish, but it's always nice to see what your piers are doing. i see no need to belittle folks for asking questions. as far as the steak, the sky is the limit. i have to agree with most that you can salt and pepper my meat and drag it over the grill and call it dinner, but something as delicious as steak can be accompanied by anything hearty and robust(think of what you would like with a good oaky cab.) i also agree with kuan that a blackened steak can really tempt the taste buds. i have recently run a simple ribeye special i call a cowboy steak. salt,pepper,and gentle amounts of cumin and chili powder grilled ,,,,top with carmalized slices of onion and sweet bell's marrinated in tabasco chipotle sauce(if you haven't tried it, its fantastic) good luck chef

oops,,,, new thread,,,,,, post reply whats the diff.

Edit: That's okay, soussweets; I moved your reply into the thread where it belongs. (No hard feelings. :) )


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One of my favorite toppings for steak, recently has been to saute mushrooms, onions, garlic and anaheim peppers, then deglaze with a hefty amount of worchestershire sauce ( and I do mean a hefty amount!!!). Then finish off this with a good amount of cold butter swirled in (monteed). The butter helps to smooth the worchestershire sauce and make the sauce kind of creamy.
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You know, i thought this place was a place in which you could bounce ideas off of each other and get some other ideas of stuff. Did i ever say i was going to "copy" anyones ideas? no! why do you flip through a cook book? to get ideas that you can build on. the same principal applies here. you ask a question... get some ideas..... and build from there. the underlining reasoning for the question was to simply see what other people have done in the past with steak.
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I think we all need to take a deep breath.

There's no need to get so personal. We are a community of chefs and food enthusiasts. That means we are allowed, even encouraged to come here and seek inspiration. I've done it, we all have to some degree. It doesn't mean we plagiarise other people's ideas, it just means that we trust each other's good taste enough to ask for them. What's so wrong about that? Isaac is not the first chef to do so. You think Thomas Keller's ideas are 100% original? He started out exactly the same way.

On the other hand, maybe you could have avoided some of this controversy by sharing your own ideas first. So, getting back to topic, what have you decided on?
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I think this is a place you can bring ideas and bounce them off. I hope you will continue to do so. Perhaps Cul247 just had a bad day. I've certainly had my share of them!

I had some onions on a steak last night. I thought, when I ordered, "yeah, right, onions on a steak. It's gonna be like always". But it was different, and I liked it. The thing about onions is that, even though they have a distinctive flavor of their own, they will take other flavor when cooked, and in that they can take on a unique thing that is what you do to them.

It's hard when you are under the thumb to impress/produce. If I were you, I would go with what you know. That's what they say about writing - "write about what you know". I think that kind of thing can apply to cooking as well. What do you know about the meats, apart from the everyday expected thing, that can help answer your question? How do you eat at the end of the night when you are putting something together , and you have some leftover meat and mushrooms? What do you nosh on? What is good to you?

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RF & Anneke,

Thank you for your posts. Culinary school only teaches you so much and if you think about it, their job is not to teach you trends yet their job is to teach you fundamental techniques. And that is what the CIA has done for me. They have taught me the fundamental techniques both in cooking, baking, and managment.

If someone asks for ideas on something, there should be no "hey... your a chef... you SHOULD know". That is BS! As Anneke and RF said, this is a place to bring ideas to and to seek help when needed. It really pissed me off to hear some people say "hey... your a chef.... figuar it out yourself". That is not a right attitude to help people and this is a place I think one could indulge in culinary arts, get ideas, seek help, and help other people.

How would you feel if you asked how to make bread and I wrote to you and criticized you for not knowing to take water, yeast, salt, and flour and mix it to make bread. Do I say "your a chef and you SHOULD know". No. Why would I? This is a place to seek and learn!

Maybe I could have refraised the question so people would think i was a dumb *** when it comes to steaks but to be frank, i do not eat a lot of red meat and when i have in the past, it was just grilled. So i wanted some different ideas.
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All I can say is wow. One of the reasons I sent money to Nicko/ChefTalk was that there was ALWAYS a giving spirit here to share, to have the patience with others who are maybe not as experienced, in other words help our community to grow. In a way it is a mentoring program albeit long distance. If you take CC's post for example, he not only gave some suggstions but other hints to maybe stir Issacs juices. Next month will be my 29 yr. in this crazy business, I've cooked more steaks than I'd like to think about but I still read the post and thought about the different suggestions weither I currently do something like that or not or what I'd do different w/ that idea or maybe try it as it is stated. As I remember, this is Issacs first Exec. Chef job, think back to your first one and all the pressures to succeed that you placed on yourself maybe then you won't be so harsh in your tone. I think that maybe this is one of the times to keep your fingers off the keyboard.

Just my thoughts anyway.

And here is what I am currently doing:

Compound butters- I love them, the mouth feel, the flavors - currently dijon,garlic,worchestershire salt and pepper

A cabernet Ailoi reduce Cabernet to a syrup and add to ailoi

Gorganzola topped

a roasted NY strip instead of Prime Rib

I hope these help a little. Hang in there and remember no matter how big we may be now we all started where you are at one time. Good Luck.


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These are a couple I'm playing with.

Filet topped with Crabmeat and Gargonzola.

Mushroom Horseradish sauce.

Matt Boz

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