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    My son is hosting a young man from Germany on a study exchange; this is the young man who hosted my son in Germany last Spring. My son called today and said they will be
    spending the weekend with us. I need menu ideas for some classic american dishes. Does anyone have suggestions? I'm an average cook so nothing too complicated please.
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    Feed him some choice midwest beef grilled medium rare.  I've had Aussie and European friends come over and they're always impressed by our beef.  :)
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    Were it me I'd be going with something that was not only American, but regional to where you live.

    From your screenname I'm assuming you're in the Bluegrass State. So I'd do Kentucky specialities, or, of not that, at least Southern.

    A possible menu:

    Appy: Benedictine Dip with veggies

    1st Course: Burgoo; corn cakes.

    Salad: Ambrosia.

    Main Course: Hot Browns, Hash Brown Casserole, Savory Baked Onions.

    Dessert: Peach Cobbler

    The burgoo is to provide a genuine taste of Kentucky, but don't go overboard. Serve it as a shooter, or in a cup slightly larger. Nothing bigger then a demi-tass cup.

    The burgoo is the only thing on this menu even approaching complexity. Nothing hard about making it, but there are a lot of ingredients, and it takes time to make.  Everything else is fairly simple, and can mostly be made ahead or at least prepped the day before.