I need info for a young guy trying to have education in Culinary Arts/Management

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Hi, I am from Turkey and I try to gather some useful information for my friend, Erol. The quality in his approach catched me. He says he doesnt focus on recipes, contrarily he is interested in techniques. With this approach and very hard work –to a degree that he worked, lived,slept and dreamed in kitchen to learn cookery—he, 24, became today the youngest executive chef in Turkey.  

Now he wants to have better education in this field, but we simply dont know which direction to go. Beside the contributions of the curriculum in his quality, in Turkey its a sound plus to have a formal education. Also he is kind of a person who will not limit himself with borders, and in future it may work well for him in international platform as well.       

I checked this forum’s topics and saw that the professionals are suggesting not to spend money unnecessarily for profit-oriented schools, and instead they lead to ACF. I checked ACF site and saw that he may take CC test –for now not CEF, since he didnt complete yet the prerequisite of 3 year professional work experience as an executive chef--.

Do you have any suggestion for such a young guy? Anything may be helpful and will be appreciated...

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