i need help with my pc business

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hello everyone and thank you for the warm welcomes. i am in the process of starting my own personal chef business and i have a few questions.

first question is.... what is the best cheapest way to advertise my personal chef business to all of the LOCAL clientel. i want to advertise my website and the whole idea of what my business is all about.

second question.... will i need a dba, tax id number or any kind of insurance to run my personal chef business legally.

thankyou so much for your time especially if you leave a reply.lol :chef: :confused:
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Definitely you should have insurance. You never know what can happen in someone else's home.

hmmm, inexpensive advertising? Do you have a budget in mind ?
Starting a business shouldn't be taken lightly, there's lots to consider. Remember also, you get what you pay for.
For example, one way to save money is by throwing clipart into a word document, then printing for business cards... but does it look professional? not really and may do more harm than good.

You say you have a website? That's right down my alley. Do you have a webmaster that looks after it ? If you do and they are familiar with search engine optimization, then that can be a cost-effective way to promote.

Most of all, don't sit still. You have to be active. Get involved with other people, whether it's a business group, chamber of comerce or how about a personal chef association?
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The best advertisement you can get is word of mouth, you get 3 very satisfied customers and they go ahead and tell 2 of their their friends...thats 9 people who now know about your business.

Advertise in your local paper, they should be too much and since your just starting, you'll need to start small as not to overwhelm youself with too much business.

Since you've specified personal chef as your career path, I'm also guessing you've done some research in the market. Think of who your targeting, who you want your clients to be. That kind of info should also help how you can reach them. For example, your target is doctors (ok, maybe a little too specific but work with me). Put up posters in hospitals, get your ad in medical journals, make friends with some of them and have them spread the word (networking).

Building your own business isn't easy, I havn't done it myself but I've done a number of detailed projects involving writting up business plans, the whole works so I know some of the pain and frustration your going through. Chin up, good luck.
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