I need help w/a extremely high-end meal

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Urgent help, please. I am planning a meal for 40 people at my venue. The meal is for several VIPs. Here's the problem. From my understanding some 'blue blood' known to frequent this particular event like to have seconds offered. Is this appropriate for a very formal seated dinner? Will it offend/disturb the guests that are not accustomed to this treatment? I have never seen seconds offered at any formal affair. Any input?
Also, I have been told that some of the individuals prefer a bread called "Sahara"... which, as best as I can determine, is an unleavened flat bread (a/k/a big tortilla meets pita
). Is this an appropriate bread selection? I was leaning towards rolls with herbed butter or perhaps focaccia with olive oil. Any input?
Many thanks for any suggestions.
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With regard to "Sahara," this is a commercial brand of pita, available in a regular size and a smaller size. It's quite good pita, and I enjoy serving it with a variety of middle eastern appetizers, such as baba ganouj and hummus. It's also very good stuffed with a middle eastern salad that features parsley, tomatoes, and fresh mint. As to the question of serving second helpings, I think that if your customers are expecting it you will have to do it whether you like it or not.It's best, in the long run, to maintain good will!


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Offer seconds if you must, but it sounds a little strange to me. How many courses are you presenting? They should have faith that you will fill them without having to have seconds. But, have had to deal with royalty and celebs. who want things done their way. I find it easier to give in to their demands. I don't know if I would "offer" seconds, but maybe have back-ups so that you can do it if requested and don't forget to charge them for it!!!
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Thanks, everybody. I have faced quite a few eccentricities, however, I feared making the 'regular' guests feel uncomfortable. I, too, think that it is a bit tacky to ask for seconds. I will insure we have adequate food for any requests.
Again, thanks for the input... I can always count on ChefTalk Culinary Team!
I'll let you know how it goes... it is an exciting menu.
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Here's the menu! I'll let you know how it goes... it is a big event for the client I serve!!
Passed Hors d’oeuvres
Mandarin Spring Rolls
Shredded vegetables wrapped inside a traditional spring roll. Served with hoisin dipping sauce.

Chicken Liver Paté
Served atop toasted brioche.

Salmon Strudel
North Atlantic Salmon nestled between flaky pastry with caper relish.
Dinner in the restaurant

Oysters Moet
Chincoteagues poached in Champagne with Rock shrimp and crimini mushrooms. Served in a Swiss chard chiffonade nest with toasted garlic crostinis.

Lemon-Almond Granita Intermezzo

Cedar Planked Shad and Brandy varnished tornades of Venison
Boar-bacon potato hash and Spring asparagus with baby beets accompany.

Salad of Stilton, Jicama, White Corn and Treviso.
Laced with Queen Anne Cherry dressing.
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Andrew... thanks for the good words. I'll let you know the outcome (the meal is in April).
CFScsukor.. I appreciate your concerns for the muslim influence on the meal. However, nobody is of muslim persuassion, I think they requested the Sahara bread as matter of peculiarity. Thanks for the input.
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