I need help pairing pork and cheese for a pizza idea

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Had an idea for a pizza based off a pork dish that I make every now and then.

The original dish is a pork chop with an apple brandy cream sauce. Marinate the pork in apple concentrate, brandy, garlic and salt and grill it. The cream sauce is butter, shallots, heavy cream, apple brandy, salt and pepper.

I want to adapt this into a pizza by grinding the pork after marinating it and reducing the sauce until it's thick enough to use as a pizza base. From there, I'm thinking some onions (maybe pickled in apple cider vinegar?) and spinach but i can't decide on a good cheese for it. I need something that isn't overpowering so the pork still comes through but also something that will melt and brown nicely in the oven.

Feta and fontina were my first ideas for the pork, but cheddar also plays nicely with apples. What do you all think? Any ideas?


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Calzone style, stick with cheddar. Keep the pork coarse, cubes even.
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brandy cream even without apple will come off as sweet so id choose a salty/strong cheese like feta or blue, sliced red onions would pair nicely as an additional topping, if your looking for something to brown all over consider using a hard cheese like Asiago or Romano and use a potato peeler on it to get long strips of cheese to drop over the pizza
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I like using goat cheese when pairing fruit with savory items, I like the contrast it gives. Just us a creamy variety, I also like dubliner mixed with ricotta.
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