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Okay, in terms of opening a bakery in the future do I really need to go to a four-year college (like Johnson and Whales or Le Cordon Bleu) or is going to a community college for Baking/Pastry Arts and some Business Management enough? I do not want to move too far away from home and there are great courses at Lakes Region Community College, plus it isn't very far from where I currently live. I just want to make sure it will be enough for my dream to come true, and continue to succeed for years.  
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C.C. and business mngmt is just fine, actually ideal.  You also need to work in the industry before you even spend a dime.

Start talking to financial institutions, and tell them you plan to start your business in oh, five years, ask them what they want to see.

Baking is the easy part....
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Not all community colleges are created equal so as long as Great Lakes offers a good program, go for it. In my experience visiting community colleges in Illinois, they have equal and sometimes better facilities than the more expensive ones. 

What foodpump said was right...baking is the easy part. Running the business is the hard part. 

I know J+W provides some scholarships so it may be worth applying to if you can get some money to offset the expenses but I would apply to your local CC ASAP and gain some experience working for a local bakery if you don't have it already.
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