I need bakery baker advise

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I pulled my hamstring and its impossible to work as a baker and recover at the same time. My physical therapist wants me to not work for another week because i pulled my hamstring. But i cant afford to take off another week because i already took off 1 week to recover already.

My bakery experience
9 months as a packer
2 months on trainging myself to be a cake decorator

Work history
9+ years in the food service
5+ years as a cook

My question is:
Am i going to have to leave the bakery just so i can recover from my pulled hamstring?
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If you intend to keep on working as a baker you'll need to take the time off to heal.

As hard as that is to hear, it is your career we're talking about right?

You'll need time to heal before you can go back...possibly even some rehab if necessary.

If you take the chance and try to heal while working you'll regret it later in life.

If the hamstring pull happened at work you can file for workman's compensation.

Good luck
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About two years into my catering business, I found out the hard way I had plantar fascitis, or basically, inflamed feet. Saw a well respected sports podiatrist who told me the only real way to deal with it was to sit on my azz for a min. of 3mths, maybe longer.

Lets just say, I spent almost 5 years of painful, really sh*tty working hours (60-90 hrs/wk) . Nerve blockers dealt with pain, but did not stop the pain from happening. I could walk over a 2x4 and not even know it.

Finally dealt with it once and for all when we sold the business, and I sat on my azz for about 3 months.

Take the time off from work and deal with it now. Its not like you own the business.

Hope this helps

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