I need advice, where should I study??

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Hello all,

This will be my first post here on the forum.

I've decided to go to culinary school and I have a little problem...where to study? At the moment I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm from the USA, I lived in Spain for a year and I've been here for a little more than a year. So my question is, does it make sense to study here or head back to the USA? What should I look for in a culinary program?

The programs here in Argentina are generally two-year programs, but I've noticed that in the states there are some four-year bachelors programs. Obviously there's a difference. It looks like with a four-year program there's a lot more business training and the possibility of studying abroad. From what I've researched there are also internships offered in a four-year program, whereas in a two-year program there are not. At least, those are the differences between a two year program here in Argentina and a four-year program in the States.

So my question is this: what's most important? What should I look for? I assume a solid foundation in basic and classic cooking techniques is really the reason people study decide to study. I've worked in restaurants as a line cook and prep cook many times and have a good idea of what it means to work in the industry, but I don't have the foundation, and it's been a long time since I've been out of that world. These are my reasons for considering studying and not simply working my ass of in a kitchen for years to climb that ladder (which is possible, for sure, but it's a fight).

I also wonder if anyone knows about funding. Does the government provide financial aid for people studying culinary arts just like any other bachelors? I mean, can I fill out the FAFSA and get funding? That would be excellent.

Anyway, any ideas, thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has questions about Argentina don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks a lot,


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