I need a stand mixer - HELP!!

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I need some advice on a stand mixer please,

I have been using a hand mixer for the last 6 months but they die and get replaced every couple of weeks and I'm sick of it! It's sometimes the motors but usually it's the beaters refusing to turn as they hit the buttercream/sponge mix. I use them roughly 5-6 times a day for cake mix and the buttercream frostings etc... I make novelty cakes from home.

The sheer amount of dust created from icing sugar / flour / cocoa powder is killing all my mixers so i need to invest in a proper prof/commercial one. One that doesn't have so many open vents to let all the dust inside preferably!!!

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For a good mixer, seek out Hobart. Worth every single penny.....probably outlast you!!!!!!


I have a twenty five year old, works as good as it did on day one; and of course a lot less of those safety gizmos....

still works great!

Wish I'd say same about me......

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