I need a few questions answered

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My name is Adam, I am a student at Blue Ridge High School. I'm currently doing a career project in English, and I need a few questions answered. I'm hoping to one day be an Executive Chef. So for the chefs... How many years of schooling did you go through? Is it stressful? Do you work a lot of hours? Do you enjoy it? What do you get paid? What is the average sum of money made?
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Hey, Adam!

I'm in college taking up Food Services Management and i can answer some of your questions, but not all of them, as i'm not working yet.

Well, this is my 4th year in college and i'll graduate by the end of this year. So, in my country there are only 3 years careers on this business. I took the 4th year, in another college.

All i can tell about the rest of the questions is, that when you work in a kitchen sometimes is stressful and with long schedulles. You have to work hard and it's great if you really love this profession.
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if you are going into this field for the money, forget it, become a lawyer or doctor, first ask yourself a few questions, like what motivates you, why do you want to do this, if this is your passion there are a lot of schools out there, how much do you have to spend on education, maybe you should find a job in a resturant or hotel to see if this is really what you want to do, if you can take working in a pressure cooker for 12 hours a day, go for it.;)

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