I must be eating in the right places ...

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because tonight, while Paul and I were having dinner at Great NY Noodletown, in walked Calvin Trilling, Alice Waters, and Ruth Reichl, trailed by a cameraman and sound recorder. They, the guy hacking up the roast meats, and the chef in the front window were filmed while Trillin placed an order. Then they left. The producer with them paid for the order, and said the whole thing was for an upcoming PBS special.

I don't know what they ordered, but we had roast duck, sauteed peashoots, and sliced-pork-and-winter-vegetable mai fun. It was delicious!!! :lips:
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Talk about having your palate complimented. Trillin, Reichl, Waters ... hmmmm that's an odd combination, though I'm sure I'd watch the program. Two food writers and the queen of fresh ... in a Chinatown noodle palace.

I'll be watching the PBS listings.
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We were back there again tonight. No celebrities :( but the food was great:
Wonton Noodle Soup -- a strong meaty broth with lots of toothsome mai fun and wontons filled with several whole small shrimp;
Sauteed Pea Shoots -- in a light sauce with a little garlic; very pea-flavored (Paul's favorite Chinese veg);
Clay Pot Casserole of Oysters, BBQ Pork, and Mushrooms -- battered & fried oysters, chunks of pork (some with crispy!! skin), and shiitakes in a thick sauce flavored with soy sauce and lots of ginger.
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I guess I know where we'll be eating lunch this Saturday! Thanks for the review, Suzanne! Want to join us?
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